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    Monday, March 21, 2011

    Libya up date:

    HAS F-22 Raptor BEEN USED IN LIBYA?  Yes, surveillance only.  B-2's were stealthy enough and can do a lot more heavy lifting, Raptor's are very expensive.  Libya will be a great testing ground for the new integrated Global Hawk surveillance system.
    Global Hawks are already operating out of Sigonella in the theatre. Forte 10 callsign earlier today IDd as RQ4B. 1700z

    We have confirmed some of our Intelligence on the Libyan operation.
    Opsec won't release details yet.

    Qaddafi is deaf, blind and dumb, with most of his Command and Control out.
    He has fallen back on walki talkies, CB and WWW for communications,
    all of which are subject to intercept and falsifying.

    US says Qaddafi not a target, British are saying something different.
    SAS in Libya, unknown.
    But Qaddafi is in hiding, phoning in his propaganda.

    Belgian Air Force F-16 fighters entered Malta ACC today at 15:00UTC: TROX 11 tail nr FA82 and TROX 13 tail nr FA136

    Operating using callsign Brujo60, also Spanish Air Force E/F-18 using callsign Poker17 and Poker21

     HMS Cumberland 

    Reports of air attacks on Sabha. Possibly the combined military/civil airport HLLS 26.99ºN 14.46ºE and/or military depot 8km north

    Info on jamming the Libyan State TV a.k.a : (kudos to @)

    Click on photo to read tail numbers:
    Mystery jet:N799WW 
    American pilot rescue flight? WHO?  
    While the United Nation Security Council was voting on the No-Fly-Zone for Libya, this Bombardier BD-700 tail nr N799WW was heading to Tripoli Airport International. During contact with Malta ACC the flight was scrubbed by Tipoli ACC. Therefore N799WW contacted Tripoli ACC direct on 120.900 MHz and ( SAID IT ) was cleared for landing at Mitiga Airport. At 22:30 UTC ( MITIGA ALLOWED LANDING ON PILOT'S VERBAL ASSURANCES ) this flight was airborne again from Mitiga and departed via Malta and Italy to an unknown destination.
    t is a BD-700-1A10 serial 9092 registered to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Company.( The same subsidiary is the trustee for the aircraft with the tail number N168BF, a Raytheon Hawker 800XP with Serial # 258373 )

    N799WW LISTEN:
    I would like to hear from any one on this flight.

    N799WW: Current location mid-Atlantic to Spain, from
    Washington Dulles Intl (KIAD

    And somebody is suplying anti-Qaddafi arms.
    See the video:



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