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    Thursday, March 03, 2011

    biz man ex FBI Bob Levinson

    biz man ex FBI Bob Levinson 

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    IATT Photo (right) adjusted, 10% thinner.
    Physical Description
    Height Unknown
    Weight unknown
    Scars, tattoos Unknown
    Wears Glasses
    Currently in early 60's
    Medical Concerns diabetes and high blood pressure. 
    FBI hasn't posted Physical description yet?
    Missing for almost 4 yrs now.

     lets organize info, use  to tweet info, ex FBI Bob Levinson, American biz man, hold on guy twitter is coming.please RT, thanksG

    US gets proof former FBI agent Bob Levinson who disappeared in Kish Island 4 years ago today is alive 

    Believed to be in South West Asia.

    1. He was in Iran as a private investigator
    After retiring from the FBI in 1998, Levinson worked as a private investigator. According to his relatives, a cigarette smuggling investigation took him to Kish, a resort island and free trade zone off the coast of Iran.

    2. He disappeared after meeting with a fugitive
    According to a Christian Science Monitor report, Levinson vanished after having a meeting with Dawud Salahuddin, who was wanted in connection with the assassination of a former Iranian diplomat. Salahuddin told news media after Levinson's disappearance that the two men had met in a hotel; Salahuddin claimed he was detained by Iranian authorities after the meeting, and when he was released, Levinson was gone.

    3. Iranian state media raised suspicions
    Shortly after he disappeared Press TV, an Iranian state-run media outlet, ran a report saying that Levinson was "in the hands of Iranian security forces." No additional information was provided, and the U.S. was unable to confirm Levinson's whereabouts or any involvement on the part of the Iranian government.

    4. His family fought to find him
    Levinson's wife Christine made multiple visits to Iran to speak with police and officials there. His son Daniel Levinson wrote in The Washington Post in 2008: "Our family has not given up hope; we firmly believe our beloved father and husband is still alive. Somewhere in Iran he is waiting for us to find him, and we ask God every day to guide us in bringing him home."

    5. He's currently "somewhere in southwest Asia"
    A statement released this afternoon by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton reads:

    As we approach the fourth anniversary of Bob Levinson's disappearance, we have received recent indications that Bob is being held somewhere in southwest Asia. As the Government of Iran has previously offered its assistance in this matter, we respectfully request the Iranian government to undertake humanitarian efforts to safely return and reunite Bob with his family. We would appreciate the Iranian government's efforts in this matter.


    Any info post to  or contact local FBI.

    We have had BSU on Bob for almost 4 yrs now, zip.
    We continue surveillance, re-tweaked for sensitivity.


    Robert Levinson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    WSJ: "Four years after a retired FBI agent mysteriously vanished inside Iran, U.S. officials have received irrefutable proof he is alive, a dramatic development that has sharply intensified secret negotiations to bring him home.

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