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    Monday, February 21, 2011

    Working Libya tweets and ops today

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    Working Libyan ops to day,
    open com channels TX, TV, WWW.
    And first responders, First aid for
    bullet wounds, flesh and chest wounds.

    Air Traffic controlers on strike,
    limits Libya air force attacks on civilians.
    Need no fly zone over Libya
    but no assets to enforce it.

    Take out Libya C2 , doable.
    Other regimes shipping in Mercenaries
    Capture some and ID nationality, where
    they are from, video and post.

      in a panic.
    Killing hundreds.
    Son threatens to kill thousands.

     drunk or high claims (invisible) rain keeps him from his people,

    US could move carrier off Libyan coast
    to cool things down.

    Get photos of mercenaries flown in $2,000 per day 
    Like Iran thugs/Basiji, names photos and actions,
    then post for future prosecution, they will be hunted and
    Plane loads brought in from

     UN resolution to authorize air force to set up "NO fly Zone" over  possibly tonight. UN unable to meet tonight, UN holiday, WTF, G 
    UN sect General outraged, but not outraged enough to call emergency session.
    Same with Arab League, can't meet till tomorrow.
    NO concept of Emergencies.

    Paul WolfowitzThe U.S. Can Help Libyans Defeat Gadhafi:If  are arriving...GET IDs,   post video pics of IDs G RP plz

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