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    Monday, February 28, 2011

    What are BSUs.

    More of our INTEL

    I often get questions about out BSUs.
    They are a proprietary product but I'll
    explain them in general terms.

    What are BSUs.

    Our BSUs Bot Surveillance units use 47 methods
    ( or more I've lost track.)
    to track and trace perps across the WWW and to 
    get around security.

    To track and trace who 'they' are, where they are,
    tech specs on their PC, where they go, where they
    have been, whom they communicate with and a lot more.
    But they are not weaponized.

    They run 24/7 world wide, are cloaked and covert.
    You never see them. They exploit poor Opsec,
    human nature and legal tech holes.

    Combination: spiders, agents, AI, packet inspectors
    and cyber traps, and tracing technologys and web inspectors.
    And of course are programmable and run remotely and interdependently.
    And they vector, the WWW consists of several dimensions.
    A hit in one or two dimensions  maybe indicative, but not conclusive,
    add one or two more dimensions and it may become conclusive.
    We track all dimensions, a lock is when you are able to pick
    up all data needed to be conclusive through one method.
    But when you add in all 47 or so methods, one can triangulate,
    the vectors, using the different methods covering different dimensions,
    and turn Indicative Intel to conclusive Intel, Actionable Intel.

    And we have over 100,000 of them.

    They are capable of reporting data, paradigm Intel,
    actions, movements and roam the World at will.
    Collect, sweep and scrub sites for data and Intel.
    And prioritize intel for approiate speed / level of reporting.

    Internet Anthropologist

    IATT watching the world


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