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    Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    Web DOWN, u READY?

    More of our INTEL

    Triple threat to WWW on the books, coming, 6 mos.

    Has US .Mil run exercises for "WEB DOWN" yet? Its time,
    Has the Pentagon run exercises not for attacks but just
    Its time.

    World facing serious seminal threats to WWW w/in 6 mos, infrastructure and the WWW its self.

    The most prominent threat is the the border gateway protocol (BGP).

    A nation state could pull up the digital drawbridge by adjusting its BGP to disconnect from the internet, just as Egypt did two weeks ago. An agent in another country could then launch the attack, bringing down the internet while preserving the attacking nation’s internal network.

    There currently isn’t a fix for BGP vulnerabilities. And China has already used this to their advantage. Last April, China diverted about 15% of the worlds internet traffic through their routers.

    Confliker has the capability to cripple if not take down the WEB with a coordinated attack
    on the 13 WWW nodes.

    Is a variant of Stuxnet.
    RSA: Symantec Sees Stuxnet In Your Future -- InformationWeek 
    Anonymous released a decompiled copy of Stuxnet, putting al qaeda one step closer.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Stuxnet 3.0 most powerful WMD ever...

    If the WWW does go down for quite some time are you prepared?
    Shortwave radios, CB radios only effective communications,
    every thing else down.

    Time for Pentagon  and US Gov to run some exercises,
    "WEB DOWN".

    War Anthropologist ad Magnum



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