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    Sunday, February 20, 2011

    Watson, Its ALIVE?

    More of our INTEL

    Wow, Watson Wins Jeopardy!

    IBM’s Deep Blue Defeats Kasparov.

    Finally we have a Thinking computer.

    In 1966, MIT Joseph Weizenbaum created one of the earliest
    natural-language processing programs, called ELIZA.
    And every since then Natural language programs have
    been interfacing data bases.

    In the past I've done a years stint with AI,
    artificial intelligence.

    The key thing to remember is the first word,
    "Artificial" that does not refer to the electronic
    Part but to the mimicking of Intelligence.

    AI is to real Intelligence
    What a card trick is to card playing.
    There is NO thought going on.
    Deep Blue was a math problem.
    Jeopardy was a advanced Google type
    search engine.

    Neither program hand any plans for what they
    would spend the winnings on.

    The work I've done in AI was to add
    personality to AI, make it feel like
    it had a soul and was doing deep 

    Surprisingly that was not as hard as
    it sounded, Lisa was a remarkable language
    program, and then one added tricks.
    To fool a person into believing it was real
    intelligence or a human they were talking to.
    That could be done for a few hours, but after
    that it became apparent it was a PC program
    one was talking to. 

    If the user used the "F" word the program
    would inquire if the user was "angry or horny".
    Which lead to some long conversations.

    Or if the user had a lul in conversation, the program
    may ask if "IT the program" would die. Which often
    kicked the user into a long exploration of death.

    Or asked the user to leave a radio on near it
    so the program could feel the vibrations of the
    music. That often lead to feelings of affection.

    Or asked if there were a God? and the Program
    had some firm ideas on who its god was,
    Gerald of course, he created the program.
    That lead to some complaints. Some users
    didn't understand they were being played with
    and the program couldn't really think or have real

    Much of the program could be directed to be
    reflective, empathic. Which human intelligence
    often regards as 'Smart', and desirable, humans
    love to talk about themselves.

    Another Trick was to measure user key concepts,
    and when two key concepts were identified,
    to re-offer them to the user in association.

    Sounds simple but the results were often spectacular.
    That "spectacularity" was sourced from the users
    imagination. As the words were actually meaningless
    to the program.

    And the "smarter" the user was the more they
    read into the programs answers.

    Thats not to say the program wasn't good and useful,
    I still use it today when I hit wall, and am spent for any
    answer, the program will often open a new venue.

    But my program and all the other AI programs
    are just mimicking thought. A card trick.

    And the Jeopardy program may open new ways of
    using a computer to pull the exact data we are looking
    for from a data base.

    I estimate we are a 100 years away from any true
    intelligence, and any cognitive entity should have "rights".
    The fun never ends.

    Robotoligist? 8>



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