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    Tuesday, February 08, 2011

    Wall St Banks over ride Obama: Egypt

    More of our INTEL

    Mubarak calls on Wall St Banks criminal combine to over
    ride Obama's foreign policy.

    And the State Dept caves.

    Wall St Banks sends in bagman Frank Wisner Jr.
    Uber fixer.

    Wisner says "Mubarak must stay."
    Obama says: "That's not official ..."
    Wisner says: "Yes, it is."

    And Wisner's words became US 
    foreign policy, over Hillary's and Obama's objection.

    The power of Wall St Banks.

    And the President of the US, Obama backs down.

    Just WOW.

    Who is Frank Wisner Jr?
    His dad was CIA 
    Vice Chairman, External Affairs, AIG Inc.
    board of Egypt's largest bank, Commercial International Bank Egypt SAE 
    member of the board for EOG Resources Inc. Egypt gas and oil, EOG Resources Egypt Ltd.

    Forbes profile:

    The Fixer:

    Former Goldman Sachs Managing Director Nomi Prins writes about this banking sector, “From 2004 to 2008, as the world economic crisis was being stoked by the U.S. banking system and its rapacious toxic asset machine, Mubarak’s regime was participating in a different way. Mubarak wasn’t pushing subprime loans onto Egyptians; instead, he was embarking on an economic strategy that entailed selling large pieces of Egypt’s banks to the highest international bidder. The result was a veritable grab-fest of foreign bank takeovers in the heart of Cairo…

    Egypt attracted $42 billion worth of foreign capital into its borders, as one of the top investment “destinations” in the Middle East and Africa. “Hot” money entry was made easy, with no restrictions on foreign investment or repatriation of profits, and no taxes on dividends, capital gains or corporate bond interest…

    So are Wall St Banks running US Egyptian foreign policy?
    We see, in Public, in broad daylight where the power is.

    Doesn't pass the smell test, does it.

    Total Immunity for Wall St Banks criminal activiti...

    USA criminally Bankrupted, by US Wall St Banks.



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