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    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    USA safe Cyber target

    More of our INTEL

    The US Government has an obligation to protect
    American citizens, and they take that very seriously.
    911 and 10 years the US Military are still after the
    perps, still at war over the attack.

    But this paradigm to protect Americans has
    broken down on the WWW.

    US servers and web sites are fair game for
    attacks, and the US Government provides
    NO protection, none, abject failure of the
    Governments primary function to protect

    There has been alot of talk about having
    to have a Government presents on the
    Civilian servers in order to protect them.
    And its just not true. We don't need a
    cop in our home to get protection against

    Nor do we need a Government program on
    our PCs to get some protection against
    cyber intrusions or perps.

    The Government has a system set up
    to report cyber crime, and its a complaint
    warehouse. They just collect stats.

    What would a US Police force on the US
    WWW look like, how would it work.

    It would have to be run by a cyber savvy
    leader with Balls, not a timid bureaucrat.

    One can monitor web sites performance 
    and up and down times from an external
    source, no intrusion into the PC.

    Just a measure of % of up and down
    sites, DDos attacks will provide a 
    base metric.

    They would not be looking to block 
    intrusions or harden any security.
    They would be looking to provide
    some deterrence.

    They would be building the capability
    to spot an attack in real time,
    and then intervene and track perps
    with real time penetration,
    and take out the attacking perp.
    Burn up his PC, plant rootkits,
    erase his hard drive, and do 
    very nasty things to him.
    Identify his real persona, real
    world ID, and track and abuse him
    in real world and the WWW.

    Back tracking and penetrating
    in real time would allow a complete
    and accurate ID of the perp.

    If there is an attack in the real world,
    the police do not wait to intervene
    until they ID the perp, they counter
    attack and take the perp down.

    This to can be done on the WWW.
    The concept is to develop some
    deterrence, kick the hell out
    of some of the perps, mess them
    up, screw with them for months.

    You don't need evidence to intervene
    in an attack. You do need evidence
    to prosecute.

    And we are making a definitive difference
    between the two.

    During the attack its ok to 'shoot',
    to drive them away, stop the attack.

    There is the capability to penetrate
    PCs real time during an attack.
    Some of the attacks go on for

    The Government should consider
    developing a force to do just that.
    Penetrate the attackers through VPNs
    and proxys trace the attack to the source.
    I'm not saying it would be easy, but
    Google demonstrated the principle
    during the attacks on their network.
    It can be done.

    The Paradigm now is America is an
    easy rich target environment, and
    virtually no down side risk to attack.

    You can beat on their firewalls with
    impunity, they are not going to come 
    out side the firewalls and come after

    US needs to end this paradigm,
    and stop being a target for wana
    bees and a safe training ground for

    NO one is afraid to attack US .mil
    or .gov sites, why would they be.
    Prosecution? very low risk, to
    much effort to collect evidence,
    to much time to prosecute, to distant
    for trial, trouble with treatys.

    That is not the case for self defense.
    They attack, you counter attack,
    attach some heavy cyber consequence
    to an attack on American.
    Cyber bloody some noses, 
    and publish the attack, the real
    names, no prosecution,

    The potential is there, its
    been demonstrated.
    Its do-able.

    Enough with the victim whining
    paradigm, time to move to the
    new Sheriff in town operation.

    Kick some perp ass,
    get a reputation for offense.
    Not just a target mentality.

    War Anthropologist



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