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    Friday, February 18, 2011

    USA is only one buying US bonds: WARNING

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    Economic NUCLEAR melt down alarm sounding

    The biggest threat to the US is Wall St Banks.
    More of a threat than al Qaeda, Russia or China.
    More of a threat than WMD or cyber war.

    Wall St Banks caused this economic debacle,
    this economic crash started with the Wall St Banks
    sub-prime fraud.

    That caused the credit crunch, and the economic 
    tail spin the US has been in ever since.

    The Bail out of the Wall St Banks to the tune of
    $2.7 trillion dollars, their freezing loans and 
    the crippling effects as that trickled through 
    the economy, foreclosures, and foreclosure fraud,
    unemployment rates of 10% as everyone tightens up
    in this limping economy and the efforts to try and spend
    the way out has lead to the Federal Reserve buying up
    Gov.T Bonds, making the Federal Reserve the worlds
    biggest holder of US gov debt, China is now number 2.

    Quantitative Easing: 
    Government = Writing Bad Checks to its self.
    US Gov. is issuing debit securities, Treasury Bonds to cover spending,
    and the Federal Reserve buying $600 billion in Treasuries, and printing
    more money to pay for the Treasuries. Net effect, Gov didn't sell any
    to any one, bought Treasuries themselves by printing money.
    That causes huge inflationary pressures and devalues the US Dollar.

    When the Federal reserve quits buying US debit who is going to buy it?
    Why is Federal Reserve buying it???

    Did Bernanke Just Admit That QE3 

    Quantitative Easing, round 3 Is Coming?

    Feb 3, 2011 ... QE3 is guaranteed, without gen bens daily pomo flip and free money the banks cant even sustain themselves, it' s all in now until its not. ... -

    What about QE3, 4, 5, 17, 49?

    The Federal reserve, the US government is buying its
    own Bonds, Gov is selling it own bonds to its self,
    to provide the funding to run the government.
    And where is the Federal Reserve getting the Trillions
    of dollars to buy these bonds, THEY ARE PRINTING IT.

    And the GOP continues to blame the poor, and money spent
    on them for this disaster, cut unemployment, health care, oil
    for the poor even their food stamp programs.
    While the Republicans give Billionaire buddies $700 billion
    in tax cuts, WTF.
    While Fed Reserve Chairman Bernanke Writes bad checks
    for $600 billion in T Bonds.

    Those congressmen blaming the poor for the economy
    because of their entitlements are the ultimate consummate Whores.
    Deserving of a pillory whipping.

    Just what is he saying?
    He is blaming developing countries for the flight of investment cash
    to those countries, and from US while he is the biggest holder of American Debt, 
    US Bonds. He is warning about the huge cash out flows escaping from USA.
    The chairman of the Federal Reserve issued this warning.

    When the US Gov starts buying its own bonds because nobody
    else is buying them its a disaster, warning bells and sirens should
    be sounding all around the world and in Washington DC.

    Why is everybody silent?
    Wall St Banking lobbyists have congress by the Balls,
    with huge donations/BRIBES.

    Obama is smiling and the GOP is pushing towards the edge.

    The Republicans especially but the Democrats also.
    Blaming the poor for Wall St Banks criminal Greed.


    Wall St Banks were involoved in the Worlds biggest
    fraud selling grade "C" bonds as "AAA" paper.
    Wall St Banks involoved in LOANSHARKING.
    The Mafia went to prison for what the banks are doing,
    460% interest on payday loans.
    The Flash crash down -1000 points in 10 min.
    Mortgage fraud, even defrauding US troops in
    combat theaters.

    That is Obama's fault, our sources have indicated
    the FBI has been told NOT to investigate any Wall
    St bank Companies.

    And we are watching as the Worlds pre-eminent
    power slowly goes down the drain.
    The US economy is CRASHING.

    The US Government is buying its own debt for 
    Gods sake.

    I feel like an Iranian screaming from his roof top
    hoping someone will hear me.

    When will the American public wake up.
    Are ALL congressmen WHORES?

    There must be a few good men in Congress.


    WAR Anthropologist
    Series 7 and 13

    Gerald center Floor NYSE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE
    Crash has started.
    World’s biggest bond fund just dumped all US treasuries.

    @ are you  PAYING ATTENTION? "Teh Economist"   NUCLEAR melt down alarm sounding, G

  • USA criminally Bankrupted

  • SCREAMING WAKE UP:World's biggest bond fund dumps all U.S. debt... 

    Drudge Report 

    Fear of 'Catastrophic' Crash Rising Despite Bull Market...

    The US has to show the world they are serious about fixing
    the Economy. And its not just balancing the Debt.

    Wall St Banks committed the WORLDS biggest theft,
    Sub-Prime scam, and made TRILLIONS.
    And lead to this world recession: World Depression,
    if the Treasury Bond falls.

    MUST do NOW.

    Repeal Billionaires tax breaks. $700 Billion.
    Start criminal investigation into Wall St Banks by FBI.
    Bring back GlassSteagall Act 

    Bust up the Wall St Banks, they are NOT
    too big to Fail.

    Investigate Congress for Bribes: 
    Arrest some Congressmen.

    US has to show they are serious about
    fixing the Broken Criminal US Banking system.

    Dow market Avg:

    Down -300 pts in 2 days:

    Fed Presidents And The Goldilocks View On Bond Buying

    Forbes (blog) - Steve Schaefer - 2 days ago

    The countdown is on for the Federal Reserve's ongoing purchases ofTreasury securities, currently scheduled to expire at the end of June, ...
    What Happens When QE2 Ends?‎ -
    all 16 news articles »  CVX - 


    Blogger dave said...

    G; I have no dought as to the roll of wall street banks in this, but to not also note the role Gov. had in pushing the banks into loans that had no chance of being paid back,,I mean am I wrong about this?

    9:34 AM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Gov. hasn't pushed banks to do any thing, Banks are running Congress, US Gov. Banks OWN congress.


    12:42 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I disagree with the partisan politics it isn't mostly republicans, it is fairly equally both sides.

    Taxes *have* been 70%+ on richest people in past, total income gained was not much more than with low rates... rich people will put their energy to live in luxury without paying taxes if needed.

    Similar to why you can't just tax cigarettes $20 a pack... people will find ways to avoid the tax, and you have extra inefficiency where people spend money on ways to bypass tax and police spend money trying to stop them.

    You can raise taxes, but that won't solve everything just as the revenue did not drop much when they were lowered.

    Part of it has to be cutting spending, and currently the democrat side is fighting to spend faster.

    Historically both sides have fought to create financial liabillities, eg ... in this case on last page of article it is democrats who insist on adding to reckless debt that goverment bailed out.

    If it was main republicans fault, then why are California and New York state closest to bankruptcy despite being financial, entertainment capitals of US and the huge advantage from being strategic coastal/port areas? (So shipping costs are much lower)

    11:54 AM  

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