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    Sunday, February 06, 2011

    Rules of Cyber WAR.

    More of our INTEL

    Working Towards Rules for 
    Governing Cyber Conflict

    The U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit

    Has been tweeting about the work of:
    Karl Frederick Rauscher, EastWest Institute and Andrey Korotkov, Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

     The document is comprehensive and bring to the fore some very difficult issues facing the world and the capacities for cyber war. They are looking for an agreement similar to START treaty on nuclear weapons. There are cyber weapons that pose the equivalent danger and damage of other Weapons of mass destruction.

    However in the cyber realm there is the possibility
    of these Cyber WMD in the hands of non-state actors.
    They are looking to create rules for a new realm,
    writing the paradigm for cyber war and weapons.

    Our Barb, Cyber menace.

    The issues cover the morals of cyber war, and the
    technical dark side, secret methods, weapons and capabilities.

    Stuxnet is a good example, how do you govern new 
    secret proprietary weapons, the question of what is a 
    cyber weapon hasn't been resolved yet.

    This domain is so new, relatively speaking that there
    maybe unknown weapons, tactics undisclosed as of
    yet with the potential to be a real WMD.

    They are off to a good start examining the parameters
    of the unanswered questions and the shape of the paradigm.

    And at this time look almost impossibly difficult.
    But they have a start, a beginning and will employ the
    best diplomatic and technological minds of the day.

    And the balance of humanity and civilization may rest
    in the balance.

    Cyber weapons have the potential to move the 
    world back to the 1950s or earlier.

    The world relys on the WWW for Banking, health,
    communication, electric most every industry relys
    on the WWW. 

    And the WWW now looks like a stack of jenga
    blocks, remove just the right one and the whole
    thing comes down.

    Because there is NO absolute security obtainable
    on the WWW today, it is vulnerable.

    This work is essential to a functioning WWW.
    The WWW is essential to a functioning civilization
    in the manner we all have become accustomed to.

    Our conclusion is a little stronger than that of
    their paper.

    This treaty is vital to humanity.

    War Anthropologist



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