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    Monday, February 14, 2011

    Paradigm hurricane, Afpak/Egypt

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    Paradigm hurricane

    Confluence of two very powerful paradigms
    in Afpak.

    ( Explorer,Google,yahoo,people?,Twitter,G )

    The insurgent movement, al Qaeda and Taliban
    and ISI about to run into one of the most powerful
    paradigms in the 21 century. Ummah Demonstrations.

    The Arabs are one of the most pragmatic
    peoples of modern civiization, lived under
    many dictators, regimes and fanatics.

    And all through this survived, prospered and
    changed their culture, recently the Arabs have
    discovered the power the masses have, the ummah
    speaks and Mubarak listens the most powerful
    army in the Arab world, and one of the longest
    regimes 30 yrs.

    The Ummah spoke and Mubarak is gone.
    Tunisia also.

    The Arab peoples are just starting to flex
    their new found muscles.

    The word of this political success, the take
    over by the people by the oppressed is spreading
    through Afghan and Paki as a cultural flood,
    empowering the oppressed.

    With in months we will see a new confrontation
    a new power in Afghan and PAKI.

    And it will have nothing to do with the USA.
    It will take ISI and the Taliban and even al Qaeda
    by surprise, US needs to be ready to repel 
    extreme Violence protect the people, with
    Drones if necessary.

    There are some changes coming in Afpak,
    USA's paradigm of protecting the people will
    be tested, the Ummah will be making some 
    changes, just like Egypt.

    US must be ready to support them and not get
    in their way.

    The Arabs are writing history, TAKE NOTES.

    War Anthropologist

    We are seeing the POWER of the Internet
    to connect people in to the real world, 
    empowering them, on a scale never seen before.
    And so far expressed in a non-secular way,
    Christians and Muslims working together.
    May God/Allah Bless them all.

    Al qaeda and the demonstrations connection



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