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    Thursday, February 24, 2011

    Pakistan risks covert cyber WAR, Davis

    Pakistan is holding an American diplomat hostage.

    Paki is commiting an act of WAR.

    Davis was driving in Lahore and stopped at a red light, 
    when two men Faizan Haider, 21, and Muhammad Faheem, 19,
    pulled in front of his stopped car and drew weapons.

    Davis may have noticed the men following him as some
    point he got out a mayday call and backup was dispatched.

    When Davis saw the weapons pointed at him he engaged
    his attackers, with his semi-automatic Glock pistol and killed one 
    on the spot and the other tried to run away still armed, 
    and Davis put two more shots into back of the
    armed perp from 30 foot away and killed him.

    At this point Davis did not know if it was an attempted
    Taliban abduction, al Qaeda assassination attempt or
    just a robbery.

    It could have been any of them, he just knew he countered
    an attempt on his live by armed men pointing weapons at him
    who had blocked his car.

    Davis carried a Diplomatic passport accepted by the Paki government.

    Davis IS A DIPLOMAT. Hero...

    During his interrogation at police station,
    Davis had the presents of mind to turn on
    his cell phone camers while on the table in front
    of him and recorded part of the questioning.
    Which a friendly fearing for Davis's life released
    to the Paki news media and made it on to TV.

    First there is no question Davis's actions were
    lawful and in self defense,

    Second there is no question he has diplomatic

    Therefor Paki is holding an American Diplomat 
    hostage, and an innocent man.

    Did Davis have cause to fear for his life?
    A search on Google for "Lahore attacks"
    brings up over 3 million hits.

    Pakistani prosecutors accuse the spy of excessive force, saying he fired 10 shots and got out of his car to shoot one man twice in the back as he fled. The man's body was found 30 feet from his motorbike.
    Pakistani prosecutors are disingenuous at the least possibly ISI shills, but poor lawyers and guilty of false charges at best. 

    A third man was crushed by an American vehicle as it rushed to Davis's aid. Pakistani officials believe its occupants were CIA because they came from the house where Davis lived and were armed.
    semi-automatic Glock pistol, the SOS call from Davis for backup before or during the attack.

    "This is not the work of a diplomat. He was doing espionage and surveillance activities," said the Punjab law 
    minister, Rana Sanaullah, adding he had "confirmation" that Davis was a CIA employee.
    Rana Sanaullah remarks are irrelevant and immaterial, what ever Davis was doing he was
    attacked by armed preps, second he has diplomatic immunity.

    A senior police official confirmed US claims that the menFaizan Haider, 21, and Muhammad Faheem, 19,  were petty thieves – investigators found stolen mobiles, foreign currency and weapons on them – but did not 
    rule out an intelligence link.
    Paki and ISI are playing at a very dangerous game.

    Pakistan is guilty of false dealing with US, holding a American diplomat hostage, and double dealing. 
    If any harm comes to Davis the Pakis can expect cyber attacks on its infrastructure, as amicus curiae IATT will go to Cyber WAR with Pakistan on every level we can find venue, outing ISI spies, operations,
    velis et remis.


    Pakistan is in violation of international treatys and endangering an American diplomats

    We wish Paki the wisdom to find a legal and just way through this.

    War Anthropologist
    IATT Forces.

    Paki using Davis to try and protect


    Raymond Davis, the American accused of killing two Pakistani men, appeared in a Pakistani court Friday where he was handed documents that detailed the case against him.
    The court then adjourned until March 3 when Davis is expected to be formally charged with Paki Bull shit.

    Company "C" 160+ members.

    "There are people in this town," adds Washington-based Fair, "who are simply saying, 'F--- this, let's just call Pakistan the enemy.' They are saying Pakistan is supporting the killing of our troops in Afghanistan, they're supporting the LeT, they call [the rogue Pakistani nuclear scientist] AQ Khan a national hero. The fact that the CIA is coming to this conclusion should be very worrisome for Pakistan. For years, the CIA was the only organization in this town that would defend the Pakistanis."

    Read more:,8599,2055690,00.html#ixzz1F7SdlAk7

    F**k em, G

    G's tweet:
    Paki prepared to put Davis behind them if CIA stopped treating its ISI as inferior, lying traitors, terrorist sponsors, two timing, 2 faced SOBs

    Waitin on the "GREEN"



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    this evil is a terrorist head to opprate bombing inside pakistan ,,,deserved be handed or beheaded.

    12:19 AM  

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