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    Sunday, February 13, 2011

    Oh This guy is Good, cyber sec

    More of our INTEL

    Cryptographer Paul Kocher:

    Tells it like it is.

    Most corporate network security right now is focused on keeping out generic, nontargeted threats, things like viruses that propagate widely but are indiscriminately attacking systems. But for anybody with high value data, it's really a fairly depressing situation today. It's going to be a number of years before this gets better because the core ingredients required to solve these problems aren't in products yet.

    ( There are NO standards for Security Vendors, G )

    It's so difficult to secure networks that we run one network that's connected to the outside and another network that's only for internal use with no wires connecting out.
    It's always kind of embarrassing to tell people we're a data security company and we don't know how to secure a network well enough to plug it into the Internet, so we have this separate, isolated network that we work on, but all of our data of any particular value is kept offline.
    ( Staying off line didn't work for the Iranian Nuke program, G )

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.



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