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    Friday, February 25, 2011

    New power loose in the World. Egypt, Libya

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    I'm sleeping better.
    The Arabic uprising in the ME is a shining beacon.

    The demonstrations represent an end to Islams
    sloth, Arabs and Persians taking responsibility
    for themselves and above all in a peaceful 
    powerful movement. And its secular.

    As regimes are over thrown and the Ummah,
    set up new secular Governments this spells
    the Death of terrorist groups on the scale we 
    have previously seen.

    The people of the Middle East see a method
    of successfully over turning a Government with
    out resorting to violence.

    Realizing the Arabs have found their "holy Grail"
    so to speak feels like a great weight has been 
    lifted from my back. A fear for the next generations
    has been lifted.

    Some of the craziness of the ME has bled off.
    The Arabs and Persians are just saying NO, to
    some of the brutal regimes. And changing their

    They may not be friendly to America, and thats OK.
    But it feels like they realize terrorism doesn't work.
    And they reject terrorism as a method of change.
    And that feels hopeful, feels good.

    The WWW has evolved a change mechanism 
    fundamental to human rights. And a redistribution
    of power is under way. 

    The world is undergoing an evolutionary paradigm shift.
    If the people don't like a Government, they have at hand
    a method to change that Government.

    All Governments of the World are subject to change now.
    We will see a shift in focus of Governments world wide.

    Those that don't change, brutalize their people, or abuse
    them are now subject to removal.

    There is a new player on the board, Governments no longer
    completely run the show. The people now have the power
    to have a say in their governance. And the changes can happen
    in a mater of weeks.

    So far its only been the ME countries which have made use
    of this power, but Russia, China and even USA is subject
    to its desires.

    There is hope for the US confronting the Wall St Banks even
    if they have bought off congress. Even a legal criminal combine
    like Wall St Banks are not immune from this power.

    We are going to see some changes fast and all over the world.
    Infowars are about to take on whole new meanings.

    Military power is counter productive against civilians.
    The US war doctrine has proven this in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    And is part of their defense policys.

    Russia and China may both try killing their civilians, they have
    a history. But the risks they run for brutalization of their populations
    maybe too expensive, cut off from the world, pariahs now is economically

    The rest of the world is grappling with methods to help this
    emerging power, and struggling with possible blow back,
    when its their turn in the barrel.

    An interesting point the worlds biggest intelligence combine USA 
    missed it, it happened to fast for them to get a handle on it.
    Or pre-plan and reaction has been slow.

    This new paradigm is self motivated and spreads faster than
    anything we have ever seen. I think the US can accept this into
    its political paradigm.

    and I expect mistakes to be made, Palin, Beck ticket, makes
    my stomach queasy. 

    Its up to the info warriors now.
    New rule set, new players, big changes.

    And the old news sources are loosing ground,
    too slow, too spin oriented.

    Fox news is working this new paradigm in the worst
    possible way, propaganda and spin for political party

    The scary part is this new power is in the hands of,
    what is the story 1.5 million people who believe in Ghosts.

    While this public demographic isn't good at critical thinking
    or checking sources, they do believe sound bytes,and thats

    schools may want to start teaching critical thinking and sorce
    checking to filter out the shaft from the wheat.

    The worst end game for this paradigm brings to mind,
    Idiocracy is a 2006 American satirical comedy film
    directed by Mike Judge and starring Luke Wilson

    The film tells the story of two ordinary people who are taken into a top-secret military hibernationexperiment that goes awry, and awaken 500 years in the future. They discover that the world has degenerated into a dystopia where advertising,commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualismrun rampant and dysgenic pressure has resulted in a uniformly stupid human society devoid of individual responsibility or consequences.

    End of terrorism but start of Idiocracy, Ok its a worst case.
    But worth consideration.




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