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    Saturday, February 26, 2011

    KHALID ALI-M ALDAWSARI dangerous Epic Fail

    More of our INTEL = Feedly fail.

    KHALID ALI-M ALDAWSARI has been the most dangerous

    lone wolf I've seen todate. 

    But he is not the typical lone wolf, he had been planing
    to attack USA since 2007.

    Even the Egyptian demonstrations and there success had
    no impact on him, like they didn't even happen.  He disapproved
    of Muslim passivity and pacifism, even in the middle of a revolt,
    he was so blinded by hate and false doctrine.

    To consider the implication of the Egyptian revolt would
    have put his life's plan into danger, his plan to attack CONUS
    became him, his plans were extraordinary but his lack of knowledge
    of American culture doomed him.

    It was fairly easy for the FBI web to pick up on him,
    and then their surveillance cocoon enveloped him, 
    and his life's mission became an Epic Fail.

    His brain washing was completed at a young age,
    and nothing short of an arrest would have stopped him.
    He planning was through and in depth and detailed.
    He had good opsec, and was very careful but the American
    culture tripped him up, even though he had been in the US
    for over 3 yrs.

    His speed in organizing his attack was remarkable less then
    2 months. Which in the end was problematic.

    A attempted lone wolf attack in CONUS now is a guaranteed 
    Epic Fail, and long prison sentence.

    It would take an extraordinary streak of luck to pull it off.
    The web of trip wires is so extensive as to almost preclude
    an successful attack in CONUS since 911.

    But the threat of a radicalized Muslim, brain washed into
    a bastardized Islamic version of Islam still exist.

    The possibility of an attack remains however remote
    the possibility of success.

    The odds continue to bend in America's favor.



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