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    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    Jawa Report Hacked: Perps

    More of our INTEL

    Jawa's hackers.

    Recently on Feb 13 Jawa Report was hacked.
    Our Intel.

    Data was collected without access to Jawa's
    logs or servers.

    Ok to publish: cleared opsec

    The hack of Jawa Report site was
    done by SLQ injection, Makedrt AFC hash ( miss spelled as per Dr.X)
    Off the shelf program.
    Hacked by Dr.x on win XP
    Took us 16 hrs to nail him and group.

    Dr.x said their login was:

    Neither which work now, patch applied.
    They got a list of old Emails for authors
    and old list of member names.
    While they did get into one server
    they did not get root.

    Thanks to Dr.x,( you can thank him
    here: )
    There are Ip's for all of these associates:
    Expect many arrests over the coming weeks, months.
    EmBrAtOuR, Klashen!, Weebi, Ǻ3 $ ǻṟ ĦăčҜệŘ, Syntax(U)err, aboamarr, adeel, ShoOtR, Abu nausea, Mishal, ahmadso, ahwak2000, Mamedlennox, C0bra Hacker, Memon hacker, akaber, AL sHamMaRi HaCkeR, ALMGRO7, Anassow-2, Mr.Max ,Marwan al-Quraishi, Mister ruins, Mr Hosah, ASTKNAN, at.ro0ot , at3bk, BaD-HaCKeR-MaN, The strategy behind the sun, badboy90, BiG-HaCker, blad208, boy_25, Alہhہۈaۈi, the art of penetration, Baya, Alcbhi, Amari, Alhecramaand, Buccaneer battery, Abu Islam, cheff, pain, Orange Man, Dior HaCker, Dr- LoL, Dr-x, Dr.A7med, Dr.killer, VerY SecreT, Dr_QLQ, Dz-Mafia, DzGr33nF @ Th3r, ejram-hacker, learn more, f-fayssal, StatCounter Khalid, Hatem Al-Harbi, a lightning 511, wound Raig, Houchen, l0v3r , LweZe, m7md-ml7s, marwanitoo, medo3230, michel scofeld, Mr.aBu HaLiL, Mr.MoDaMeR, Mr.tro0oqy, o-cobra-o, Chmizr, Slslo, Saidam, Serpot Pasha, ourlissene, Saud, PenetraDz, RBG510, REd_Tiger, roro-1993, ryax, Serpot Taif, SnIpEr R00t, snoop2009, sshady, STOOooOOM, the-sniper, tracert, Trojan HaCk, NouR iCE, Aiv Aldnia, Dr.K, lover challenge, Arbjeeh hacker, Karob hacker, SD setups, SD 07, ViciOuS, ViP 511, ViRuS_HaCkErS, w77anouar, Dr - LuLa , WHITE_DEVIL, WrOnG3d, xrayboy, YAMATA NO OROCHI, you123, steel, ZOOM2000, ZP300, zrxrz, Mkrabha hacker, hacker Mafia, hacker desert, Dilam hacker, _kiven_zA, ___, £ Y @ $ s! n, a seeker of knowledge 82, Tayel , Tabek, D3eG HACKER

    Dr.X was trained by Security Ghost. He has had some problems with his perl attacks
    and took an abnormal amount of time to learn SLQ.
    Security Ghost speaks Arabic, Chinese. and English.
    He lives in Riyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia.
    The Islamic Hackers:group.
    We talked with Security Ghosts father,
    who made assurances.
    He passed on his poor opsec to Dr.x.
    And Dr.x inadvertently passed on the rest of you.

    Saudi security forces and US Intelligence have all the information.
    Expect visits,prison.

    Unknown to Jawa we have had a cyber overwatch on their site
    for a few months. We provide them with covert protection.
    Stand with me and you will never stand alone.
    They have stood with me before and
    now we stand with them..
    Rusty and the Jawa Report knew nothing about this.

    I'll stand in the path of the Enemy line.
    I Feel no fear.
    Come to the night mare, come to me.
    deep down in the cyber dark,
    with the devil, PC and me.
    Cyber Warrior Song:

    Unfortunatly Our rules of engagement only allow counter-attacks
    in cases of self defense against attackers.
    So at this time we are precluded from launching attacks
    against his associates..
    We have cyber sidearms.

    To date in our cyber operations we have taken out 47 terrorist webmastes and
    hackers. One killed, he resisted during arrest.
    Here are 14 Taliban and al Qaeda webmasters.
    Kiddie scripters are like popcorn to us.

    Our BSU's still on patrol.
    Any one wanting to offer information can add it in
    comments, mark comment as "confidential",
    and we won't publish your comment or info.

    War Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.
    Help Jawa against a bogus federal lawsuit 

    Salute: Egypt, Tunesia



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