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    Monday, February 14, 2011

    ISI waving the Taliban Flag

    More of our INTEL

    Pakistan moving into very strange waters.

    Lt Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha  Director General of ISI

    Paki moving towards open confrontation with US?
    Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), threatens to rapidly fall into a full-blown war with US. 

    Pakistani Planes Carry Out Bombing Raids in Afghanistan.
    Taliban Eliminating Local Afghan Officials
    ISI is Creating Militant Sanctuaries in the Pakistani Tribal Region
    Pakistan Assisting Taliban Shura, 
    The Pakistani military's ISI is 
    hosting and advising the Taliban Shura.

    ISI has been exposed as supporter of Afghan insurgency.
    ISI is Sabotaging American Intelligence Efforts.


    Paradigm Intel

    It looks like Paki's ISI true colors have been exposed.

    Is ISI the enemy?

    Has ISI's complicity  with the terrorist been established? 

    If ISI is in league with the Taliban and al qaeda.
    Is working against US security and to the benefit

    Hit the ISI kinetically, all at once
    with over whelming force, NO MERCY.
    If they be terrorists bury them.

    Is ISI a terrorist agency?
    It walks and sounds like a duck.
    It might be a duck.

    US needs to be taking extreme security
    measures against a strike from ISI.

    This turn of events is not unexpected,
    ISI has been suspected for years.
    What is a surprise is how ISI is 
    coming out of the closet.

    Paki is reaching out to China,
    this maybe a good thing, 
    let them deal with Paki's
    terrorism activities for a while.

    China has around 10,000 troops in 
    Paki now.

    The culminating event seems to be
    the Drone attacks and ISI inability
    to protect their proxy forces, Taliban
    from these attacks even in the Paki

    And the Taliban have revolted against
    the ISI and are forcing the issue.
    ISI is looking for a way to protect the

    ISI will escalate the violence in Afghan
    trying to break the Afghan Gov and drive
    a wedge between US and Afghan.

    Unusual attacks on US personal (Mil, Diplo) in 
    Paki will also escalate very rapidly, 
    in an attempt to drive US out of Paki,
    trying to make it too dangerous for US
    to be in Paki.

    ISI's view of the Taliban as an adjunct

    The insurgents and ISI are driving
    a Paki Nationalist policy on the WWW,
    with heavy Anti-American propaganda.

    ISI is coming out, is US mil. prepared
    for this?

    Plan "B". Shift firing line 90 degrees.

    War Anthropologist

    We have had doubts about ISI for 4 years now. G

    This is going to be very close.
    As the  paradigm spreads  Insurgents will loose influence, new social freedom paradigm will form, spreads very fast, with in months.
    Paradigm hurricane 

    al qaeda's dying paradigm


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