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    Sunday, February 27, 2011

    Drone offensive much more successful than US knew.

    More of our INTEL= feedly fail

    Drone offensive much more successful than US knew.

    The Drone attacks the Taliban have been discussed
    for sometime now. Some have thought they were self defeating,
    turning civilians against the US.

    Even the Paki Government has asked the attacks on
    the Taliban sanctuarys in N Waziristan be stopped.

    But the Paki Government has always viewed part of 
    the Taliban as an auxiliary military force. To be used
    covertly in Kashmir and Afpak or against India.

    The ISI sponsored the Taliban during the Russian campaign
    using American weapons and cash.

    The drones have killed the Taliban cadre leadership,
    at least once over, in the recent year.

    Our paradigm Intelligence indicates the Taliban leadership
    has made promises to mid-level cadre about ending the
    Drone attacks in the Taliban sanctuaries in Pakistan.
    In order to stave off massive defections.

    While the Taliban will use suicide bombers, they won't
    knowingly do suicide attacks themselves.

    And the rate and accuracy of the drone attacks have made
    mid-level Taliban leadership posts suicide missions.

    Part of the Taliban strategy has been to switch from
    fighting to terror in Paki.

    The mark of the big change was the killing of the ex-ISI 
    officer, Col Imam, who was under Mullah Omars protection.
    Omar it should be noted is leader of the Afghan Taliban.
    He was killed by the head of Paki Taliban Hakimullah Mehsud.

    Clue: Paki Taliban Hakimullah Mehsud, killer of CIA members and nose picker.

    Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), known in the US media as the Pakistan Taliban, has issued a warning to the Pakistani government of dire consequences if Davis is released. This indicates that suicide attacks, murders and turmoil could follow his release; even the judges involved in such decision could be targeted. SOURCE:

    Killing the ex-ISI officer was a message to the  ISI the
    Taliban was willing to start killing ISI members.
    The ISI and Taliban have been running a very successful
    infowar against the US with the objective of stirring anti-
    American sentiments under the guise of Paki Nationalism.

    Ahmed Quraishi

    @ Islamabad, Pakistan
    They say :

    Do NOT underestimate the power of your comment
    Please click here to comment at 
    But every time I sign up they delete me. G

    The Taliban's death threats against the ISI has prompted 
    the ISI to pressure the US on the drone strikes.
    Arresting American Diplomats, Davis to demanding,
    " upset over Secret CIA op, ISI wants to know all about 
    operations and agents in Paki" in an effort to neutralize
    the CIA spying operations against the Taliban in
    Paki sanctuaries.

    The Paki ISI are fighting a holding action against the CIA
    to protect its agents against the Taliban and prevent a suicide
    terror campaign by the Taliban against the Paki people.
    In the past weeks over 200 civilians have been killed by
    the Taliban. Increasing pressure on the ISI and Paki

    The ISI has been instrumental in the arrests of two 
    Americans over false charges, and spreading anti-
    American feelings with spin, lies and unsourced 

    If America cuts funding it would send the Paki economy
    reeling, and Paki will blame the US.

    Paki's strategy is short term only, thinking they can pressure
    the Americans into ending the drone sorties against the Taliban
    in Paki sanctuaries.

    However if US pulls funding the Paki economy will crash.
    And the Military and ISI will be faced with a Taliban gaining
    support against the Paki Government, ISI etal.

    The ISI strategy long run is self defeating.
    And the ISI knows it, they are bluffing.

    If the Paki ISI wishes to be treated as equals to the CIA
    then they must act as equals, stop double dealing and end
    the two faces, one they show the US and the other they show
    the Taliban. They cannot have it both ways.
    The Taliban cannot be an enemy and an auxiliary force.

    If US plays this true, Paki will be forced to make a choice
    Taliban or US.

    Paki is at a cross roads if US forces the issues.
    If Paki chooses the Taliban them the Egypt paradigm
    is coming just around the corner.

    US just has to have the intestinal fortitude to go
    with the hard decision and not try and trick or placate
    the ISI and paki government.

    Pakistani economy is about 175 billion dollars annually.

    War Anthropologist

    Afghan has claim on some of Paki,
    Green area is cultural boundry, ie Afghan tribes.
    See vid.



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Couple of questions:

    Is being two-faced,as you put it, a cultural norm in that part of the world and if so are there any historical examples of how that problem has been dealt with?

    What do you think of recent analysis that the drone attacks are becoming less effective because less high ranking Taliban are being killed?

    11:31 AM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    They have been playing The "Great Game" since the 1800s.

    There will always be midlevel cadre in Taliban to target, as long as Taliban holds any control. Notice the slow down of drone attacks since Davis false arrest?G

    6:36 PM  

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