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    Tuesday, February 22, 2011

    Demonstrators VS al qaeda

    More of our INTEL

    The Arab demonstrations are having an unintended benefit .
    As demonstrations mount through the Arab world in most
    regimes, and people take to the street, they see an immediate
    reward, something they can do personally, method to commit to
    a Jihad, acceptable to Conservative Islam, and parents. 
    The demonstrations are the Ummah's answer to
    Islam's Sloth.

    The Law of Untended consequences, strikes again.

    Our metrics, monitoring  and BSU's and Paradigm intel all point
    to a big drop in Al qaeda cult recruiting, even a series of
    terrorist going AWOL. Which should benefit CONUS security.
    We may be looking at the End game for GWOT.

    They are leaving and or not joining terrorist for a better
    more effective paradigm. One that works, "Egypt", and
    engages them on a personal level closer to their home,
    no travel to Afpak. And has already proved to be successful
    and without killing anyone.

    And gives them a voice, and democratic choice in their
    Government, Not a 17th Century serfdom like the Taliban

    As these Arab demonstrations sweep the Islamic world,
    so to will they come to Afghan and Pakistan.

    Do the demonstrations open the door to even worse
    miscreants, maybe, but the Arab Ummah now has the 
    power to clean house again if needed, until they get
    a system favorable to the people.

    And I trust the Arabs as a people.
    As an anthropologist,  the other is us.
    Same goals motivations, family, work, peace.

    The demonstrations are the Death knell for 
    the terrorists, Taliban & al qaeda, given time.

    What should the US do?
    Diplomatic missions.
    Its going to be a steep learning curve,
    fast and hard, and will test Arab leadership,
    with a tendency to fall into old habits.

    Some countries may have a series of
    demonstrations and new governments.

    And expect a swing eventually to the
    extreme. But should stabilize with
    STABLE  ME Governments benefiting 
    the people.

    Over the long run this new paradigm 
    will lead to a more stable world and
    faster movement from the 'Gap' into
    the 'Core'. Quicker Globalization.
    And more economic problems short

    The US just has to learn how to roll
    with the demonstrators.
    Emergency methods and NGOs
    in place to protect them, UN, Arab League,
    and rapid deployment force to stop
    slaughter, and genocide.

    Ability  to create "No fly Zones" over
    night, and boots on the ground in an
    extreme cases.

    The world can unite on this paradigm,
    and actions and planning in force
    to enable it.

    Its going to operate at speeds never
    seen before, and will need fast reaction 
    force to support and enable it. Mostly
    diplomatic but backed by rapid deployment
    forces to protect the people.

    The bloodiest demonstrations haven't
    been seen yet. 

    US can't take weeks to react, not even days.
    Support and keep out of the way.
    Provide support for WWW, News, TV and
    phone service. Connection to social media
    sites, and leave the rest to the demonstrators.

    And protection from slaughter.
    Activate UN at start, on standby if needed.
    not wait 7 days for consideration, like in
    the case of Libya.

    We live in interesting times.


    PS US is going to see some of this in 
    the States also, and the world will watch
    USA REACTION to demonstrations.
    Its coming, no more Chicago police riots.
    Special note to State Dept.
    Other ME regimes will watch how to
    deal with demonstrators based on 
    what US States do.
    States actions will influence ME
    GOP to screw with
    demonstrators in Wisconsin.


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