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    Tuesday, February 15, 2011

    Cyber BattleShip

    More of our INTEL

    Working on new concepts,new multidimensional, multidirectional and multilayered Cyber BattleShip, w/light and heavy weapons. Pop ups to Weapons-grade, "nation-state quality" network weaponry.
    Destroy, burn, erase HD to just taking them off WWW, individual PC, to million bots. Cut off one PC or network or country from WWW. Instant penetration, proxy and VPN work arounds. Remote packet inspection and capture or erasure. Surveillance Bots, Other cyber weapons deployment, enhanced DDOS, Rootkits, malware, Exploits, push button SLQ injection, AI Data mining and network copying, 1,000 petabyte storage. Covert, cloaked, faked IPs. Multitude of key loggers.  

    I would hate his job, they won't give him a Gun, a cyber sidearm, when
    an attackers ladder reaches his ramparts he just tries to push it over. 
    No conquenses to an attack. Bad paradigm.

    US .mil and .gov have been using the wrong paradigm since WWW inception.
    Can you imagine a Marine base where they only drive the enemy out
    of their base? NO offensive capability? No consequence for an attack, just escort them off the base? No cyber side arms, Not even rules for engagement, BECAUSE they don’t engage.
    That the state of US cyber security. US is a joke, easy target
    to TRAIN on. NO offensive, just beat on that fire wall.

    Working Paradigm coming, G


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