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    Sunday, February 06, 2011

    Cold war was won, didn't just end.

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     Donald Rumsfeld 

    100 years after President 's birth, it is worth remembering that the Cold War didn't just end. It was won.

    When I was a Broker for Dean Witter I had a local TV spot and semi-regular news paper column. One of the columns I wrote was about the "Fall of the USSR" couple of years before it happened.
    The manager of the local office didn't have the depth or understanding of what 
    and how the Markets really worked, just a stock jockey.
    And he killed my article, and wanting to be a team player
    I went along, he was later removed for incompetence.
    He had a habit of stealing accounts when brokers moved on
    rather than passing them out to his brokers, Big no no in the industry.

    In my article I examined the cold war paradigm.
    And Russia was financing the cold war entirely on its
    While the US had the ability to borrow against the 
    countries future earnings by selling Treasuries.
    And the US just spent USSR into the ground in defense
    spending, their economy just couldn't keep up with
    the defense spending levels US was achieving and
    the Russian economy just collapsed.

    Based on the US ability to sell T bonds.
    Nobody was buying Russian T Bonds.

    The manager didn't understand the concept
    and said my premise was false.

    And at the time there was no indication of
    economic trouble in USSR. Few years before
    the USSR collapse.
    He just had no vision and lacked fundamental
    understanding of the worlds economies.

    And I was loyal to a manager when I should
    have gone over his head.

    It was a genius call on my part and I lacked the
    intestinal fortitude at the time to confront him.

    Some times this anger seeps into my articles,
    the desire to be heard. A shame on my part
    for not having the convictions of my ideas.
    and forcing the issue.

    I am still a team player, and afraid some
    times over compensate for that dearth of judgment
    on my part in the aggressiveness of some of my

    But the Cold war was WON, it didn't just end
    and Ron Reagan was a key part in that strategy.
    Happy birthday Ronnie. We miss you.

    Broker Series 7 & 13

    Me floor of NYSE.



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