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    Wednesday, February 09, 2011

    al qaeda's dying paradigm

    More of our INTEL

    Binny with edema 

    Alot of talk about Al Qaeda 2.0 as bigger threat recently.
    al qaeda proving irrelevant.
    Our paradigm intel says its not 2.0 but al qaeda's cult
    disintegrating, fracturing.
    New leadership isn't even Arabic its American,
    Maghreb GSPC and in Yemen.
    The failed cult is basing its hopes on spontaneous 
    lone wolf in CONUS. 
    The act of a desperate demoralized cult grabbing 
    at straws.
    The Islamic populations of the Muslim's regimes
    are rejecting terrorism as an agent of change and
    adopting mass demonstrations.
    al Qaeda is a failed paradigm gasping at anything
    that will prolong its existence.
    As al qaeda fails so will the Taliban diminish in
    power and credibility. 
    There are elements in Paki and even Afghan that
    will seek to use the Taliban to their own ends, as an 
    adjunct force, and motive to continue feeding at
    the GWOT teat.
    There is a insurgent promoted movement in Paki
    under the guise of Paki nationalism running a destabilizing
    info war, winning minds an hearts to a anti-American program.
    The issue of the Davis problem is symptomatic of this
    Looking to fill the power vacuum when US leaves the Theater.
    And Paki's anti-American movement may problematic in the
    nuclear arena.
    The failure to take on this force directly in an info war engagement
    will prove expensive for US interest and Paki stability in the region.

    War Anthropologist

    U.S. commander: Taliban ‘beaten’ by surge - Navy News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Navy Times 
    As the  paradigm spreads  Insurgents will loose influence, new social freedom paradigm will form, spreads very fast, with in months.
    Paradigm hurricane 

    ISI waving the Taliban Flag



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