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    Tuesday, January 18, 2011

    Stuxnet Manhattan project

    Mikko Hyppönen at F-Secure confirms what we have been saying
    for 2 years.
    "This is a new NEW VECTOR EXPLOIT.( bots for everyone? )
    coming from a trusted site, " it " can walk thru all current security programs and Vista isn't even a constraint, nor are MACs. Coming from a trusted site there are many vectors to infect your PC/MAC. I HAVE SEEN EVIDENCE OF ROOTKITS ALSO."

    Who's scared of this? Everybody in Gov.

    A must listen if you have valuable info on your PC.
    He explains why.

    Of course he is a Cyber Security vendor, and he gives
    some reassurances about past attacks, but even now
    NO vendor protects against all KNOWN exploits/threats.
    READ IT AGAIN:  "KNOWN exploits/threats." known.
    They can't protect you from the stuff the security vendors
    KNOW about.
    STUXNET 2.0 3.0  4.0  5.0  6.0 ETC.

    NSA confirms WE ARE SCEWED
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: I'm on your PC,know your IP

    Your PC is wide open, neither your OS nor any anti-virus/malware/rootkit can protect you.
    I remember when if your PC wasn't connected to the WWW it was safe/secure, no longer.

    If the world doesn't get a secure OS WE ARE ALL SCREWED.
    Makes it eaiser to kick ass though.

    War Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Add some more names to your T list

    The Pearl Project released.

    8:18 AM  

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