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    Friday, January 28, 2011

    PBS tape, Wall St Banks cause of economic crash

    More of our INTEL

    Just as we have been telling you, PBS tape: Wall St Banks behind economic crash.

    Financial Crisis Commission Divided Over Causes, Culprits Behind Meltdown.

    Wall St Banks have GOP on leash, bought and owned.

    Our Backgrounder:
    To be clear this recession/depression 
    is world wide AND can be back 
    tracked to the Wall St Banks criminal 
    Sub-prime fraud started a world wide
    credit collapse and accelerated the housing
    crash and massive layoffs as it dominoed
    through the economy. While the Banks
    with hold credit from American Businesses.
    Extending and expanding the economic slow down.
    Prison for Bankers? NO
    Wall Street Banks rewarded for causing Depression.
    Not even an Investigation, Billion $ bonuses,
    yes, $700 B inTax breaks, yes, Bailouts yes AND:

    Total Immunity for Wall St Banks criminal activities, NO limit to their impunity
    or limit on stealing and defrauding American citizens.
    Wall St Banks defraud American troops on the front line in the GWOT.

    Total Immunity for Wall St Banks criminal activities

    GOP, It wasn't the fault of our MASTERS, the Wall St Banks.
    ( Voted NO on unemp benefits during recession and yes, on
    $700 billion Tax break for Wall St Billionaire Bankers, G )
    Who U vote 4? 




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