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    Tuesday, January 11, 2011

    Hired guns: Cyberwarfare and cyber-mercs.

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    Hired guns: Cyberwarfare and cyber-mercs.

    Charles Jeter, ESET cybercrime investigator
    January 06, 2011

    Charles asks "We can call it whatever we'd like, but Xe and Blackwater (both PMCs) had physical security duties of a defensive, not offensive nature, such as garrisoning outposts and personal protection of high-ranking civilians. You see where this analogy goes and I'd love to take your comments on this topic."

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank are the oldest Cyber-mercs on the web.
    Our methods are mostly public and known by the insurgents and sucessful.

    But I've been living in the trees so long I find it hard to describe the Forrest.
    Here is another try.

    There are semi-secret cyber armys operating for years now on the WWW, 
    They can set cyber trip wires for corporations against terrorist .
    They monitor "noise and chatter" plant moles in forums to keep watch on 
    possible perps, we have BSU's Bot Surveillance Units, for cyber surveillance, tracing and tracking. We have a small cyber force with cyber side arms and can engage in limited
    cyber warfare, in cases of self defense.

    You might remember That set a dos attack system using a program similar to what Anonymous used in attacking MC, paypal etc. to attack America 2007, and spread the program world wide.
    We had spotted their group on Infovlad forum in 2006 and sent in moles, to watch them.
    They took the site underground to a secret URL, and we took the site down and the dos program off line 3 days before the attack, and burned the leader.

    And there has been no terrorist gang attempting dos attacks since.
    We provide some deterrence. We track and take on terrorist hackers. 

    We tracked al qaeda operatives planning a hit on a European university to
    steal nuclear material, 314 lbs.

    We traced and tracked all the web masters in Afpak.

    These are just a few of our operations we can talk about.
    We get our share of death threats, fatwas and cyber 

    Currently our biggest threat is an operative in Google
    messing with our page ranking, we have documented
    the case.

    Cyber Warfare covers a huge theater and many arenas,
    Recon, surveillance, moles, spies, traps, copying web sites,
    research, paradigm Intel, many kinds of operations, psyops,
    Info War, Tracking and tracing bad guys, deploying Bot Surveillance
    Units, and some times just digging, digging and more digging.

    Capabilities encompass many scenarios.
    To target a network of PC someone might use Cyber sniper squads.
    With the capability to kill a PC but also maybe only disable a PC for
    a short time. The snipers objective is to remove targets
    form Internet Connection for specific time frames, maybe just 5 min.
    maybe to kill the PC take it out for days, or permanently..

    We have a heavy Cyber Weapons squad, OSINT Teams,
    moles/spies, Cyber pirates, Recon teams, Internal affairs,
    counter surveillance. Cyber Security teams, 
    Classified Companies, G2 division,
    a cyber war college, watch officer, admin section etc.
    Most cyber battles have been anonymous. covert and
    cloaked and only in self defense.
    Our public  Company "C" 


    How we work: inside, Intel Unit:

    Cyber mercs are working 24/7 world wide.
    Keeping a Face on offensive operations.
    Providing a credible deterrence.

    War Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.




    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Real Cyber Mercs don't work for free, any more than meat space mercs do.

    Show me the money!

    4:11 AM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Ha ha lol, U only see the Free work. To even name a client would make them a target. G

    4:17 AM  
    Anonymous Charles J said...

    @Cannoneer - Actually I posted my comment back at my site, but it applies here as well.

    However your point is valid. As the Joker said, why do something for free when you can get paid for it...?

    Loss leader, as Gerald mentions. Proof of concept, etc.

    2:24 PM  

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