Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Googles YouTube supporting Terrorism?

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    Saturday, January 08, 2011

    Googles YouTube supporting Terrorism?

    This blog set to diaplay 20 days of posts. Sorry Blogspot only shows 3 days, waiting for a Google fix, G


    YouTube took down this video for violation of TOS.
    Details here:

    Its mirrored in several locations.

    While Googles YOUTUBE leaves up terrorist videos recruiting and training terrorists.
    There is reason to believe Google has been penetrated, the Army, CIA both were. Google immune?

    Google YOUTUBE penetrated by al Qaeda is one explanation for this conduct.  
    Its making more and more sense.

    The song questions Islams Sloth.

    Muslims appear as cowards, through
    inaction, sloth, they have allowed this
    terrorism by a delusional damaged
    mind to flourish.

    Who the 50 top Muslims in the world.  

    Islam is not involved in Terrorism, but by inaction, sloth
    they allow terrorism to flourish..


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