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    Thursday, January 13, 2011

    The evil Google does?

    My Non-google hit meter.
    10 google bots on my blog between 4:10 am
    and 4:27 am, one 97 pages.

    My Google hit meter, owned by Google:
    Covers period from 3:30 am to 5:00 am
    Note all google bots missing?
    Click to enlarge.
    Where is Google transparency?
    Why is Google hiding bot visits?
    WHAT ARE THEY LOOKING FOR? in our 3,943 Posts? Gee I wonder?
    10 yrs of blogging and now someone is sabotaging us.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Google looking to close our blog

    We think Google has been penetrated by al Qaeda.
    WHY would al qaeda want inside Google?
    Why would al qaeda have a spy in Google? - Internet Anthropologist ...

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Spy in Google Trips up

    Google continues to sabotage our blog.
    Home page only shows 3 days of posts,
    controls set for 20 days of posts.

    Google behaving badly Spying on YOUR users.

    Still not reinstated ad words, after deleting photos.
    We have removed pics goolge found problematic,
    from page:

    On 10.01.10 we were listed in the Google
    search engine, first page,in the top 10 under the
    search term "anthropologist".
    Now we are not even listed in the first
    20 pages. 10 yrs posting, over 2000 links.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Google employee strangles hits

    This is a first for us, a new asymmetrical attack on us
    using Google page ranking, to diminish our impact.

    Ad Magnum.

    Google YOUTUBE hid 113,000 terrorist videos for 10 days,
    until pressure was off.
     Nice to be able to manipulate at will because if you think G/YT got rid of about 113,000 videos, which is what they showed for about ten days,

    "Is Google Evil" search in Google engine
    90,000,000 results
    Update: 1 hour after we posted this 
    Google changed the number of results to
    41,600,000 results.
    Google is guilty of misrepresentation, spurious
    search results, but its good to see they are
    following my posts.
    I wonder how far Googles deception will go.
    Its frightening to see how easily they can manipulate
    their algorithm. Google has no SHAME.
    Hmm in an hour 50,000,000 results disappeared?

    Thats links to 50,000,000 millions sites just got
    de-listed. To make Google look better.
    Googles search results algorithm subject to employee
    caprice, whims, 50,000,000 links dumped in one hr
    "Is Google Evil" ?

    Protection form Google: From Google ex employee:



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