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    Friday, January 28, 2011

    Egypt desperate cuts off own nose.

    More of our INTEL

    Muslim discontent runs two ways, insurgency or Gandhi civil disobedience. 

    Recent world events are cascading, as Muslims stand up and use the WWW for
    organizing their discontent.

    Anonymous has been the tip of the cyber sword in many cases.
    Providing technical assistance and body checking on some Govs.
    in the cyber realm with Dos attacks.

    The US Government watches in wonder as indigenous civilians are doing
    what all the US intelligence agencys have been unable to do.

    Muslims also note the failure of the insurgent paradigm, dead, destruction,
    years of violent fighting, and bastardization of Islam, religious corruption
    of its young and Satans suicide squads.

    They see the success and are rejecting terrorism for a successful paradigm.

    This all points to the rising power of governed, even the unwashed masses can
    use the WWW to change their context.

    It seems there is a hardwired bio function to connect, first by snail mail,
    then radio and TV now the WWW. And a natural desire, function to assist others
    in achieving freedom.

    The WWW is providing a touch stone in the redistribution of power.
    Govs world wide are facing wrath of abused citizens, change in the air,
    the enabling force, WWW.
    Egypt: tight rope walk for USA, solidarity vs humanity, 
    stability vs rights growth, USA Gov/mil has not come to 
    terms w/populist movement or political power on the WWW.

    Egypt disconnects from world, big four Egyptian ISPs OFF WWW. 80 m ppl cut off from WWW, 
    Noor Group (AS20928) standing, Egyptian Stock market connection to world.
    Egypt is on virgin ground no country has ever cut its self off from the
    WWW before.

    Dissidents using Shortwave and alternate methods facilitated by Anonymous.

    Egypt will be making changes. Other Regimes taking notice.

    This new power paradigm is still working its self out,
    current context is confrontation of regime by the masses,
    and violent reaction and prison from the Regime, as in 
    The Iranian Green movement still lacking a successful next step.
    They have been beaten to a stand still.
    The paradigm continues to run in other countries looking for
    a successful end game.

    The speed this paradigm has duplicated its self in other
    countries and played out has caught IATT by surprise.

    We are searching for a context and developing paradigm Intel
    on this developing phenomenon sweeping many countries.

    We continue to collect intel and track the paradigm.
    Looking to contextualize the paradigm.
    Its a world Changer.

    War Anthropologist


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