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    Sunday, December 05, 2010

    Wikileaks defrauding donors

    This blog set to diaplay 20 days of posts. Sorry Blogspot only shows 3 days, waiting for a Google fix, G

    Wikileaks manipulating donors.

    Wikileaks founded by a hacker, set
    it up  for another hacker to easily take 
    down the site so they could play victim
    and beg for money.

    It was all artificial and planed.
    "But the secret-spilling site’s woes may be 
    attributable in part to its own technical and 
    administrative missteps" Missteps?

    "its weak countermeasures drew criticism from network engineers. They questioned its use of a free DNS service such as EveryDNS, as well as other avoidable errors that seem to clash with WikiLeaks’ reputation as a tech-savvy and cautious enterprise hardened to withstand any concerted technical attack on its systems."

    Knowingly setting up a "web site fail" to con contributors.
    “IMHO it is a gambit to ask for money,”

    "It’s unclear why WikiLeaks went with a free provider, instead of paying for bulletproof DNS that could withstand attack." Its clear to me.

    But according to EveryDNS, the distributed denial-of-service attacks that have been dogging WikiLeaks were threatening to overrun EveryDNS’s servers, which serve some 500,000 sites.

    The company responded by notifying WikiLeaks on Wednesday that it was going to drop the organization in 24 hours, according to a statement on EveryDNS’ website. It reached out to WikiLeaks on the e-mail address associated with the account, on Twitter, and even visited the group’s encrypted chat room to try and pass word to the staff.

    That should have been more than enough time for WikiLeaks to move its DNS. Instead, Thursday night, visitors could no longer reach

    But Wikileaks down was turned to a clarion call for donations.
    Actually defrauding funders.

    “Any downtime of the website has resulted from its failure to, with plentiful advance notice, use another DNS solution,” reads EveryDNS’s statement.

    More wikileaks fraud.

    Rather than tweeting the IP addresses of WikiLeaks hosts, which would allow visitors to continue to reach the site uninterrupted, WikiLeaks initially used the outage to encourage donations, tweeting instead: “ domain killed by US after claimed mass attacks KEEP US STRONG”.

    Wikileaks cannot be trusted.

    The same time, Julian also sent out a request for funds to his lawyer. 

    +44(0)75 8452 9148 or 

    +44(0)78 3111 5000 

    WikiLeaks fans on Twitter discovered and circulated WikiLeaks’ working addresses on their own, until about three hours after the outage began, when the organization tweeted: “WIKILEAKS: Free speech has a number:″.

    Wikileaks subtrfuge was undone by their own followers, pity.

    So Wikileaks expanded the fraud.WikiLeaks followed that up by promoting as an alternative address, but that domain, too, turned out to be resolved by EveryDNS, which shut it down.

    WikiLeaks had the four regional domains working on Friday, resolving to hosts in Sweden and France. Domain-registration records show that WikiLeaks still has control of the, but for whatever reason, the organization still has EveryDNS set as its name server for that domain.

    The reason is self apparent. Fraudulently solicit funds.
    And for years WikiLeaks promised would-be leakers that they’d enjoy the protection of strong journalist shield laws in Sweden, where WikiLeaks maintains some of its servers. It wasn’t until August of this year that it emerged that WikiLeaks hadn’t registered as a media outlet in Sweden, and thus wasn’t protected.
    That latter disclosure sent founder Julian Assange to Stockholm in August in an effort to correct the oversight. His romantic entanglements on that trip led to an ongoing sex-crime investigation and the issuance this week of anInterpol “red notice” putting Assange on the international police agency’s wanted list.
    And Wikileaks now has launched a WikiLeaks official censorship resistant
    mirrors: open to malware,to hijacking,keyreaders,rootkits fun stuff
    exposing their followers to nasty problems, perhaps to solicit more funding
    as they break the story about how their supporters were infected.

    Wikileaks like the Taliban have no honor.

    We will not be censored:  now running in over 208 locations  Hope all 208 sites don't get infected

    Our Paradigm Intel indicates the "Insurance file Julian has posted may result in his death.
    He has angered some very powerful people, and now he is trying to blackmail them.

    If he is arrested or publication is stopped he will release the Ins file, which could
    result in his death by assassination. 
    Making the Ins file an idle threat, usless.

    Paradigm Intel  Julian wet teams waiting for you to trigger insurance.aes256, thats the Greenlight, Go for it. G

    Internet criminals trying to tap Wikileaks donations:

    Wikileaks is defrauding and misleading its own followers for monetary considerations.

    Finally, Julian Assange is worse than a fraud, he is an abject hypocrite. He unilaterally establishes supposed moral guidelines that determine the nature of his disclosures, but provides no proof that the enemies of, say, exposed Afghan and Iraqi civilian informants will not seek deadly retribution. And, of course, Assange would not wish to see published the private email, telephone transcripts, and internal discussions of the WikiLeaks board, though these would give us the necessary “context” to form opinions about the motivations and methodology of such leaks. Much less would Assange like someone to leak the complete confidential judicial proceedings against him by the Swedish government, which has now issued a warrant for his arrest on sexual coercion and molestation charges. In short, once Assange destroys the protocols of confidentiality, there is no such refuge for anyone — himself especially.

    And why should Assange limit himself largely to Europe and the United States? As he jets about the secure Western world disclosing to free presses the secrets of Western military and diplomatic services, he might ponder whether he would like to move on to a new career working with Iranian, Russian, Chinese, Syrian, and Hezbollah dissidents who could help him expose the far more lethal and dangerous covert activities of their authoritarian governments.

    Internet Anthropologist


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