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    Thursday, December 09, 2010

    Wikileaks Cyber WAR: Anonymous VS Jester

    This blog set to diaplay 20 days of posts. Sorry Blogspot only shows 3 days, waiting for a Google fix, G

    Jester looks like his is the more successful campaign:
    Our interview with The Jester

    RankPerformance graphCompany siteOSOutage hh:mm:ss Failed Req%DNSConnectFirst byteTotalKb/ssize(K) ExpressF5 Big-IP 0:00:00 3.934 0.1990.1180.2120.212-0 2.239 0.4110.0720.4650.7435536
    3wikileaks.chwikileaks.chLinux 0:00:00 1.122 0.1140.0610.1240.1307895
    4marketplace.mastercard.commarketplace.mastercard.comLinux 0:00:00 11.065 0.9120.0080.9481.0791076225
    5wikileaks.nlwikileaks.nlLinux 0:00:00 1.216 0.0530.0500.1010.1293495
    6wikileaks.dewikileaks.deLinux 0:00:00 1.181 0.0920.0610.1230.184545
    7wikileaks.fiwikileaks.fiLinux 0:00:00 1.197 0.1100.0720.1750.17594325
    8www.paypal.comwww.paypal.comF5 Big-IP 0:00:00 21.344 0.0500.0960.6400.640--
    9www.mastercard.comMasterCardunknown 0:00:00 55.760 0.1120.1030.2330.233-0 0:15:21 46.326 0.1010.0040.4620.462-0
    11paypal.compaypal.comF5 Big-IP 0:28:59 55.172 0.0750.1220.2430.243-- 100.000 ------
    13anonops.netanonops.netLinux 10:59:45 70.814 0.3150.0930.1830.183-0
    14www.wikileaks.orgwww.wikileaks.orgLinux 12:51:21 100.000 ------
    15www.postfinance.chwww.postfinance.chSolaris 9/10 12:52:22 91.881 0.5100.1503.8394.1676621
    16cablegate.wikileaks.orgcablegate.wikileaks.orgLinux 12:52:36 100.000 ------
    17warlogs.wikileaks.orgwarlogs.wikileaks.orgLinux 13:00:45 100.000 ------


    Wikileaks and Anonymous have suffered the most down time.
    Anonymous has had minimal success in taking sites down.
    Anonymous is down now.
    504 Gateway Time-out

    Cyber Time line

    Wikileaks releases SECRET CLASSIFIED US DOC.
    Lies about chopper attack on insurgents carrying Rocket.

    Jester, DOS attack on Wikileaks,
    Looses site as Part of a plan to gain sympathy and donations.

    Donations lines cut.

    Anonymous attacks Credit Card sites, Paypal, URL sites,
    Swiss prosecutor, etc. 
    No CC info was compromised.

    Anonymous Attacks Twitter.

    Anonymous site taken down.

    Neither the Jester nor Anonymous need their
    web sites to battle.

    Anonymous functions from a forum with secret
    meetings on IRC. Very loose C2, general orders
    and volunteers, member known by screen name 

    Jester one man, few cadre, forming unofficial
    war room.

    Next move forensic tracking of Anonymous members,
    for prosecution. UPDATE Arrest 12.10.10

    Anonymous moving to more traditional political methods
    to gain public support.

    Both sides low key Info war on going.

    Jesters side can get warrants.
    Anonymous has hundreds of cyber punks.
    Anon has more agents
    But Jester has better weapons.

    Jester VS Anonymous

    Score :
    Anon 2
    Jester 4


    If I'm missing something email me
    or comment.

    Analysis: WikiLeaks battle: a new amateur face of cyber war?



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