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    Friday, December 10, 2010

    Why would al qaeda have a spy in Google?

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    Why would al Qaeda have a spy in Google?
    Its understandable why they would have a spy
    in CIA, FBI, NSA and the Army.
    Ali Mohamed. He infiltrated U.S. intelligence agencies,
    including the CIA and FBI, and joined the U.S. Army.

    Triple Cross: Bin Laden's Spy in America Natl Geo.

    But why would al Qaeda want a spy in google?
    What does Google know about you?
    Your name and e-mail address, where you live, your contacts, the documents you worked on and shared, your e-mail correspondence and people you talked with through Gmail, the tasks you wrote down - they are all there.

    The Dashboard includes data gathered only from Google services that you access with your Google account (Account & 
    Search history,
    all the sites you visit,
    Custom search engines, 
    Friend Connect, 
    Mobile Sync,  
    Shopping List, 
    and YouTube. 
    For cookie-based data you should check out the Ad Preference Manager.

    You can check here. Google Dashboard,


    A Google spy could have access to any of that info.

    Google fired engineer for privacy breach 
    David Barksdale, an engineer in Google's Seattle offices, used his position as a key engineer evaluating the health of Google's services to break into the Gmail and Google Voice accounts of several children.

    So an al qaeda spy wouldn't be interested in you,
    but think about those in the Military or Government
    or in JEDO their info could be crutial to al Qaeda.

    OK the paradigm is possible,
    but is there any evidence the is an al Qaeda spy
    in Google?

    Google has no problem keeping boobies or
    illegal music off YOUTUBE.
    But it seems they just can't keep up
    with the Terrorist recruiting videos.
    Some how they just can't manage it.

    Jawas Report and “"YouTube Smackdown”
    were running hundreds of members to
    notifying Youtube of all the Terrorist vids
    that were promoting violent terrorist actions.

    And they still couldn't manage to get the
    recruiting videos down.
    Almost as if somebody on the inside
    of YOUTUBE was protecting the terrorist.

    Maybe there is.
    There is Motive,
    The penetration of FBI,NSA and CIA
    and Army proves the capability.
    And indication its happening.

    Google needs to dig the spy out
    before the Government decides to
    get involved.

    War Anthropologist.



    Anonymous StarCMC said...

    Definitely something to think about. And if you're using Google Chrome as your browser there's even more that they could have access to.

    11:06 AM  

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