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    Wednesday, December 29, 2010

    What is IATT?

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    What is IATT?

    Civilian counter terrorism force.

    What is our mission at IATT?
    They center around 4 paradigms.
    #1) Info War getting the Truth out.
    #2) Collecting and Reporting actionable Intel
    #3) Policy change.
    #4) Limited defensive cyber warfare.
    We have been changing, re-inventing
    ourselves every couple of years.
    As needed. 
    Our Mission:

    Our operations deal with three paradigms:
    Your equipment war tools are obsolete.
    Your being commanded by bad leaders.
    Your human rights are being suppressed.
    In this venue we hope to avoid interference
    with any Military operations.

    We also offer 24 hr kill notices for sensitive data.
    Gov is offered 24 hrs in which they can kill our post/
    Its only happened a couple of times they asked
    for data/intel NOT to be published.

    And we assert the right of self defense on the WWW.
    And stand ready to enforce it.

    So how does Anthropology fit into all this?
    Observation, synthesis and action are the essence of applied Anthropology.
    There is a open field in the study of Internet anthropology and its uses in the GWOT.

    I started out as an Internet Anthropologist studying
    the culture and Tribes, so to speak on the WWW.
    There is a classification of "Security Anthropologist" but the work I do is a little different,
    it is Internet Anthropology.
    And its application to the GWOT I'm calling
    "War Anthropologist".

     Our Record? Not Bad.

    Two of our public best.

    And you can read our OSINT here:

    Hope this helps in understanding IATT.

    War Anthropologist



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