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    Monday, December 13, 2010

    Wikileaks misappropriating funds

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    Wikileaks embraces Wall Street banking accounting.
    Paying BONUSES.
    According to Wired in the past 5 months wikileaks
    expenses increased to $500,000.

    In the previous 10 months they only spent $38,000.
    There are only 2 or 3 staffers to pay.

    "The jump in expenses appears to be due to salaries the organization recently began paying staff members. WikiLeaks has said in the past, before it began paying salaries, that its operating costs run only about $200,000 annually."

    That seems to indicate Wikileaks is paying staff members around
    $100,000 each in past 5 months or $20,000 a month.
    Thats $240,000 a year EACH for their loyalty.

    Currently Wikileaks spending is secret.
    They have taken in $1,200,000.00 so far.
    And expect that to raise significantly.
    As they mislead donors with their Psyops programs.
    Playing Victim.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: 
    Wikileaks defrauding donors

    They have been burning volunteers to raise even
    more money. Making supporters victims.
    Wikileaks, Anonymous burning supporters

    Wikileaks screwing Manning.
    "However, of the nearly half a million dollars spent, WikiLeaks has authorized only $20,000 to go for the defense fund of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning. Manning, who is currently sitting in a U.S. Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia, is believed to be the source who provided WikiLeaks its most significant U.S. leaks, including a classified U.S. Army video of a 2007 Apache helicopter gunfight in Iraq,"

    Wikileaks spin on the video has been exposed as fraud and lies.
    As the "civilians" were carrying RPG's.
    And was the basis of their first big fund drive.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: wikileaks FRAUD

     According to Jeff Paterson, a spokesman for the Bradley Manning Defense Network, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had promised last July to “split” the expected $100,000 cost of Manning’s defense. ... the organization has aggressively sought donations from supporters for Manning’s defense.
    But after collecting $1.2 million dollars Wikileaks hasn't paid anything towards
    Mannings defense. Zero Zip.
    But last week Paterson revealed that five months after Assange’s cash pledge, WikiLeaks still had not made good on that promise. A WikiLeaks spokesman subsequently announced that $20,000 would be immediately released to Manning’s defense fund, less than half the amount Paterson had expected from the organization.
    Still not done Wikileaks doesn't give a shit about Manning.
    Just using him to raise huge sums of money, NO AUDITING, NONE.
    Just maybe this Exposé will force them to pay his attorney.
    While holding $1.2 million and paying out $500,000 in past 5 months.
    And zero zip to Mr. Manning.
    Using Manning for Donor bait, and leaving him hanging.
    Wikileaks seems to be duping its supporters, Mr. Manning, even Anonymous.
    And its not often you see Anonymous get conned.



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