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    Thursday, December 02, 2010

    Paradigm Intel Julian's environs

    This blog set to diaplay 20 days of posts. Sorry Blogspot only shows 7 days, waiting for a Google fix, G

    Paradigm Intel Julian's environs.

    Whats it like to be in J's shoes?

    Not a fun time, not feeling real well.
    Touch of ulcers, colitis's.
    Not sleeping well, little wine helps.
    Shades all drawn, doesn't answer 
    phone, refuses to use hotels Wifi,
    security reasons.
    Spends most of his time is dealing with
    security considerations, war driving,
    pocket full of change to make phone
    calls or buying throw away cell phones.

    Eats in never same delivery place twice.
    Poor appetite, periodic tummy pains. 
    NON stop watching news channels,
    TV on 24 hrs a day.

    Avoiding wana be groupies.
    Occasional escort service visits.
    Wondering is that pic really me?

    Will the Russians really kill him?
    How can he soften the Russian stuff
    being released?
    wikileaks NOT to pub Russian stuff

    Trying methods to temp.change his appearance.
    Clock watcher, waiting for key times to try and
    contact insiders, attorneys securely.

    Meets with local supports for morale 
    boosts, when not thinking about what
    prison would be like.

    Cycling between tremendous highs
    and deep dark black depression.
    Occasional use of smoke to try
    and balance mood swings.

    Constantly working to maintain
    some semblance of reality.
    Struggling with desire to talk to
    someone and wanting to avoid
    all communications.

    Knowing down deep this isn't
    going to end well.
    Will they kick down the door,
    or knock, or jump him when he
    leaves his room?
    Worried about the toll this is
    taking on Mom.
    Thinking of ways to try and 
    re-assure her and himself.

    Self doubts and maniacal thoughts
    of invincibility. 

    Trys to focus on just good
    thoughts, not having much
    fun lately.

    Tired of darkened hotel rooms.
    Thinking of how to escape England.
    Watching for tails, surveillance.

    Suspecting every one he sees or
    talks to. Doubts about wikileaks
    cadre, watching all their mistakes,
    questioning whether to bitch and
    how much and to who.
    Will wikileaks collapse without him?
    Wikileaks Paradigm Intel Briefing

    If it wasn't for bad luck he 
    wouldn't have any luck at all.


    Julian Spotted, Next?
    Send sightings to twitter #IsawJulian



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