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    Friday, December 10, 2010

    New Era of Cyber WAR, NOT

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    We are entering a new era of Internet warfare,NO,  no new paradigms.
    In 2001 I said:
    "New uses and discoveries for the INTERNET will center on "PROCESS" & "ORGANIZATION".
    Stuxnet and Anonymous are not new, just re-applied old paradigms, in new processes and

    Stuxnet isn't new, no new paradigms just old ones carried to the extreme.
    The full extension of the old paradigm.
    Costing millions in programing and planning and execution.
    Stuxnet is a covert way to deal with Iran, N Korea, Burma 
    and Syria, while burning through their treasurys for pseudo 
    nuclear weapons. An anti-proliferation weapon.

    Anonymous is the mob swarm we have seen in so may previous variations and lives.
    The current swarm of anonymous are not dangerous, just
    miscreant boys, in your neighborhood the ones that might
    trun over your full trash cans.

    Click to enlarge:

    Not dangerous but a pain in the ass.
    Taking down Visa and mastercard doesn't speak
    to their hacking abilities so much as poor security
    at those companies. They never expected or prepared
    for a heavy dos attack. Note they 
    have now mitigated all dos attacks. 
    Anonymous is subject to penalty taking down their
    with web page. And burning them individually is an option.
    Prosecute them one by one, if they get out of hand.
    Tracking them isn't that hard.
    But they are also the future of the WWW. Paradigm future of WWW, 
    Athenian secret democracy, Individuals grouping to take action against 
    perceived wrongs, Counter is Info war with the Truth.
    A force sadly lacking in US Repertoire.

    Twitter is another example, they were hit by a
    dos attack also, the users saw the site page do
    a heavy filcker and in 7 min countermeasures were
    deployed, end of flicker, most users never even 
    noticed. Twitter had a lot of experience with dos
    attacks when Iran tried to take them down.

    Each Anonymous group is different, compiled of different
    members and different levels of expertise.
    Each group can be as different as one corporation is
    to another.

    Jester is one person albeit a Genius, and our Paradigm Intel indicates
    he has some Government connections. And has had the
    same effect as the entire Anonymous mob group.
    With their 44,000 down loads of DOS tools.
    Jester vs Anonymous

    Wikileaks isn't when it comes to the US Government.
    So far their releases have revealed good intentions 
    and some bumbling. The first release of the chopper
    killings in Iraq was quickly revealed the group of
    "civilians" were carrying RPGs, and the reporter never
    reported he was with the insurgents. And wikileaks
    much to their detriment and loss of integrity continue
    to ignore the RPGs when reporting the insurgents as
    civilians even today.
    See photos of RPG

    Wikileaks have seeded their own end in the violation
    of their own paradigm. Lying about the data they release.
    The wars wikileaks is reporting on have gone on for twice
    the time as WWII and several magnitudes of fewer civilian deaths.

    Wikileaks demise lies in the spin they run on the releases.
    They can't be trusted. So far with few exceptions their
    'Releases' amount to gossip, and boring.
    Wikileaks attempted war on the US is apparent,
    transparent and loaded with spin.
    And firing blanks.
    Much like Ahmed Quraishi's poor propaganda.

    Something wikileaks didn't expect to deal with
    is Julians personal proclivities and arrest.
    Wikileaks took in over a Million dollars in donations,
    last year, and I think that in time an audit will 
    reveal the main motive in Julians shenanigans.
    And Julians profit motives and misleading his
    followers may lead to more prison time for fraud.
    Wikileaks defrauding donors.

    This wikileaks mess is also an outcome of Obama's
    personality, desire not to confront, we have seen this
    in action with the Republicans and the Billionaires Tax
    break. There is an uneasy feeling Obama even as
    a last resort will back away from direct confrontation.

    US new cyber command has been made into a eunuch.
    Their scope and range have been limited, reduced and
    limited to a level of locking the cyber doors, but no weapon
    use. Only in War, and only in kinetic wars.
    None of this defending cyber space or the WWW.

    Wikileaks would have happened Republican or Democrat
    was in office, just poor cyber policys. And this debacle will
    limit future intel sharing as an example of risks involved.

    US does need a "cyber security policys Czar."

    They are all forced to share except NSA, without
    a security review of the other partners.
    Something the State Dept should have got
    with the Army system.

    Breaking a spy in Google?

    While not a world changing events,
    all parties are dancin much harder than usual.

    War Anthropologist



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