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    Thursday, December 09, 2010

    Google penetrated by al Qaeda

    This blog set to diaplay 20 days of posts. Sorry Blogspot only shows 3 days, waiting for a Google fix, G

    Paradigm Intel Google

    The Google algorithm just about pulled
    the Internet Anthropologist out if its
    search engine.

    Two months ago if you searched
    "Anthropologist" We were listed
    in the Top 10, But now we are not
    even in the first 20 pages of search

    I was depressed, what had we done
    wrong to PO Google.
    I was wracking my brain and reviewing
    all the posts.

    Too bold, to abusive to Congressmen?
    Too what?

    So I cranked it thru our Paradigm engine.

    Surprise. Surprise Surprise.

    The US Military was penetrated by
    an al Qaeda spy.
    Ali Mohamed. He infiltrated U.S. intelligence agencies,
    including the CIA and FBI, and joined the U.S. Army.

    Triple Cross: Bin Laden's Spy in America Natl Geo.

    YouTube is either directed by US Intelligence Agencys
    not to take down Terrorist recruiting vids or YouTube
    has been penetrated by al Qaeda.
    YouTube can keep Boobies off its vids but
    some how can't managed terrorist content.

    So right now the FBI or CIA or NSA know
    if they ordered the Terrorist content to stay
    up, if they didn't then they need to be hunting
    al Qaeda spies at Google.
    The worlds greatest search engine, and
    the ability for al Qaeda to influence searches,
    content, even sites rankings in the search engine.
    A virtual GOLD MINE FOR AL QEDA.

    Tried hacking a site, attacking, dosing it with bot nets,
    threatening webmasters, all to no avail.
    Then attack those sites from inside,
    some Google employees are allowed to
    tweak sites search engine rankings.
    If they got someone into CIA, NSA , FBI
    How hard is it to get "their GOOD  (jahiddie)
    Muslims" into Google?

    Not to mention snooping in Gmail, tracking
    Military searches, it would be a variable Gold
    mine of intelligence.

    And we think we have Prima facie evidence
    of Penetration of Google by insurgents or jahiddies.

    The YouTube Epic Fail on terrorism vids

    My blog post. Google doesn't do political Censorship

    There needs to be an Investigation by Google to
    correct these problems or others will.
    Google has had months to address this issue and hasn't
    Time for an Official investigation into google penetration
    by terrorists.

    War Anthropologist.

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