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    Tuesday, December 07, 2010

    Did Wall St Banks get to Obama?

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    Paradigm Intel President Obama

    Obama a big disappointment.

    The perception is, he is scared of
    the Republicans.

    The Republicans have been bought
    by the Wall St Banks, Bribed umm I mean
    donated between $2 and 3 million each.

    Republicans enabled a tax cut for Billionaires,
    (thats people with a Thousand million Dollars.)
    to the tune of $700 billion in tax cuts..

    While the poor retired on Social Security fixed
    income have not had an increase in two years.

    The retirees need to remember the Republicans
    enabled tax cuts for Billionaires while denying Soc
    Sec increase for two years now.

    The unemployed need to remember the Republicans
    voted for tax cut for Billionaires and refused to extend 
    unemployment benefits.

    The Armed forces troops need to remember the
    Republicans voted for $700 billionaires tax cut while
    pushing cuts for the Military.

    And the Federal Reserve is buying $600 b of
    Treasuries,  BS they aren't buying anything.
    they are just printing more money, US is buying
    its OWN paper. Very high risk, endangering 
    the US Bond market.
    While the Republicans get $700 B tax break
    for Billionaires. WTF WTF
    Endangering the American economic system
    for a tax break for Billionaires, again WTF.

    But they want to Tax our soda pop. lolrof


    Who did U vote 4
    Are you a dumbass?

    And it feels like Obama just doesn't have the guts 
    for a fight with the Republicans, they BLUFF him
    every time.

    He just caved and gave the Republicans the tax break
    for Billionaires $700 B in exchange for Republicans allowing
    extension of unemployment Benefits.

    Obama just doesn't seem to have the guts for a fight.

    But who are these Billionaires? Alot of them
    are Wall St Bankers whom we the tax payers 
    bailed out. And now won't lend money prolonging
    the recession.

    The same Wall St bankers that perpetuated 
    the worlds biggest fraud and got away with it,
    the Sub-prime debacle.
    Loan Sharks, 30% on credit cards and 460%
    on pay day loans.
    Flash crashes in the stock markets and preferential
    treatment in buying and selling stocks.
    CD fraud, selling fake investment insurance,
    and now collecting more profits on their sub-prime
    scam foreclosing on home owners.
    They defrauded both sides, defrauded investors with
    false credit ratings AAA for C paper, and mortgagees,
    giving them loans they knew they couldn't pay back.
    And even defrauding them in foreclosure with fraudulent 
    stamp courts evicting home owners with bogus papers.

    And where is the FBI during this Banking crime spree?
    Well the did an investigation on investment fraud.
    But FBI said: "Operation Broken Trust focused on scams directly targeting individual investors, rather than long-term complex corporate fraud matters."

    Let me translate that for you.
    Wasn't investigating Wall St Banks.

    Hmmm Wall St banks almost brought down the Worlds banking
    and credit system and there is NO FBI investigation?
    Only because investment Banking houses were married
    to regular Banking did we have to bail them out, other
    wise US could have let the investment Bankers Fail.
    And they still remain married, WHY, remember the
    repeal of Glass Steagall act?

    Who holds the reins of the FBI?
    In the Nixon investigation it was the Attorney General
    at the Department of Justice, which is a political appointment.

    Appointed by the president.
    In this case Obama.
    Is Obama holding the FBI back from
    investigating the Wall St Banks?

    Have the Wall St Banks got to Obama?
    They got their Tax break for Billionaires  
    and no FBI investigation of their crime spree.

    Kinda looks like it. Smells like it, fails the smell test.

    I so don't want to believe this paradigm intel.

    This may well cost Obama the Election.

    Series 7 & 3

    Gerald Center, floor of NYSE

    .Obama did put 3 RIAA lawyers in DOJ and got Million dollar fines
    for $20 worth of cyber shoplifting. Sell out.



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