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    Thursday, December 30, 2010

    Bin Laden loosing on all fronts

    This blog set to display 20 days of posts. Sorry Blogspot only shows 3 days, waiting for a Google fix, G

    Bin Laden, cult leader: With edema

    The next 911 on the calendar is the 10th anniversary of the event.

    And in passing represent some significant milestones.

    The job the CIA, FBI and NSA and many others has been
    outstanding. But after this is over will we regret the loss of privacy?
    What we gain in security we lost in privacy.

    The hardest threat to defend against is the Lone Wolf.
    And they have been very good at picking up some of
    the Lone Wolfs before any damage.

    Someone listening to the News spin goes to
    the Internet and gets caught up in some terror
    site or forum or video on YouTube and gets him
    started. Someone acting alone, plans an attack.
    And the FBI is inside, and makes an arrest.

    Thats very remarkable, and exactly what the
    public wants.  I've faulted the FBI before for
    being too bricks and mortar oriented and not
    more cyber surveillance oriented. And in this
    case seems to stand them in good stead.

    Stuxnet puts NSA on the cutting edge of cyber
    domain, ( If they made it G). And points out
    just how vulnerable the world is to cyber WMDs.
    The anniversary also points to 10 yrs of
    al Qaeda cult failures, and I would expect
    an all out effort by Binny to pull something off.

    The split between al qaeda and its cyber
    arm remains split, they don't release vids
    on 'its'sites, lack of trust.
    The "Official sites" are second rate proxies,
    trying to reflect /mimic terrorist policy. 
    Its a matter of setting up a 'Brand' site
    then waiting to see if al qaeda cult recognizes
    you. Very similar to setting up an al qaeda franchise
    in another country, and waiting for the recognition
    from the cult, but very little real connection.
    But they run semi successful info war and propaganda 
    sites tuned to recruiting  Poisoned "imitation Muslim" 
    authorities targeting lone wolfs.
    Binny has been bastardizing Islam for 10 yrs now.
    Al qaeda failed
    Their measure of success is a lone wolf attack
    every two to three months. Out of a possible
    demographic audience of millions.  
    While their measure of success is set at a
    very low threshold, every couple of months,
    its the most difficult type of threat to intercept,
    the "Lone Wolf".

    But many wana be terror sites post propaganda,
    links to YouTube videos and violence inciting 
    speeches. Twisting the heads of wana be lone wolfs.

    Children getting the Keys to Heaven?

    Though the record speaks to a seemingly well balanced 
    paradigm. The majority have been caught.

    But the cult only needs one to get through to
    trigger a terrorist response. "Terrorism".

    Wana bees often are people with low self-esteem who turn to
    religious extremism after experiencing a crisis.

    But there is terrorism and TERRORISM, 
    Olde Binny keeps lowering his goals, setting
    his sites lower. From 911 commercial jets
    as bombs to fire crackers in NY.

    This alone points to the success against the

    So even if Binny gets a hit in before the next
    911, he still hasn't won, 




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