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    Sunday, October 10, 2010

    The world is a safer place this Saturday night, for a while.

    The world is a safer place this Saturday night, for a while.
    Between our BSU's ( Bot Surveillance Units ) and some reverse
    engineering we have discovered at least the potential of
    the end of a Cyber Weapon of Mass destruction.
    We are no longer concerned about a massive DOS
    attack on the Internet nodes, they would loose
    every bot that attacked.

    We first wrote about this CWMD back in 2007,
    its a big unruly post but all the info is there.

    We discovered in Stuxnet the seminal grain, paradigm for
    protecting the WWW nodes, Stuxnet is built on the concept.

    This assumes that the COWs have been deployed.

    And that Cyber Command and NSA have rules of engagement.
    And won't be asking for permission to save the WWW.
    They can just act upon attack.

    Stuxnet is remarkable in other ways, the level of encryption
    is amazing for some parts, and many functions are unknown.
    There are mysterious backdoors which are not understood,
    and won't be for years.

    Stuxnet is more than just a Bot, Worm, rootkit.
    While the concept is problematic and will cause
    security problems in the future it won't be
    Stuxnet they will be using.
    Stuxnet is also a semi-trailer with Cab.

    The pay load can be changed out just like
    a freight trailer on a cross country shipping 

    The current payload is the "reactor" package.
    But it could be replaced with a banking, electrical
    grid or satellite package.

    Its a universal delivery system to any PC or
    control system in the world, connected or
    unconnected to the WWW.

    In the future it won't be only the current operator
    that has this technology, but other states and even
    individuals hackers, will have sub versions, Imitations
    of it for deployment.

    The WWW isn't secure and for the near future never will

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    Internet Anthropologist quoted in Rand Think Tank Book:

    Frederic M. Wehrey, Dalia Dassa Kaye, Jessica Watkins - 2010 - History - 216 pages
    “Algeria: Al-Qaeda 'Recruited Over Fifty Under-16s from Dec–April,'” 
    WarIntel posting, Internet Anthropologist Think Tank blog, September 14, 2007. ...



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