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    Sunday, October 03, 2010

    update stuxnet, 10.03.10

    update stuxnet, 10.03.10

    Adam Morgan wrote:
    "Again, have to tell ya, this is amazing code. 1st, this "worm" installs its own drivers. 2nd, it hides code in volatile memory. 3rd, autorun doesn't disable it. 4th, it discovered 5 (five!) zero-day exploits. [Holy Crap!] 5th, it went one year before being detected!"

    Ohio wrote:
    "This will force change in the way industrial control systems gaurd themselves. It will force the customers of Siemens, Honeywell, Yokogawa, Foxboro, Fisher etc. to invest in software revisions over the next year and to implement harsher computer security measures."

    dpelta wrote:
    If it is an American 'worm' why should the code be interpreted as 9/may/79 and not 5/sept/79 whatever that represents


    BBC ON THIS DAY | 5 | 1979: Mountbatten buried after final parade

    The Queen leads the nation in mourning as the body of her husband's uncle is buried after a day of pageantry in London.

    OK that "proves" Great Britan wrote stuxnet. G

    Eric Wedel wrote:
    To the extent that USB sticks & similar are used as attack vectors, this highlights a very important weakness in Windows, and maybe other OSes: simply inserting some type of media (CD, USB flash, etc) results in the OS automatically searching for and running programs on that media. This is how Sony "root-kit'ed" computers with an audio CD some years ago.

    OK that "proves" Sony made it. G

    1. Is Stuxnet the 'best' malware ever? yes, G

      Why a "kill date" of June 24, 2012, for stuxnet?

    3. Stuxnet: war just starting,it fights for existence, and reinfection. G

    4. Stuxnet: engineered for persistence after discovery, acts defensively, to preserve existence, foils removal. G

    5. Stuxnet: changing payload, defenses as it is targeted, 3 variations so far. G

    6. Stuxnet: Many aspects of the threat have not been reported widely in public. Still to shake up security world. G

    7. 'Iran's intelligence has found a solution for confronting (the worm) and it will be applied, Famous last words.G Good Luck, ha ha lol

      They Discovered by VirusBlokAda in Iran in June 2010, for 4 months now they have been trying to remove this BUG, jeeze seems like they arehaving problems they aren't disclosing.

      GeraldTactical Internet Systems analyst.



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