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    Monday, October 04, 2010

    Terror alert: What to do?

    Continue with your trip.

    Always carry your cell phone.
    Register with the US Embassy.

    If you hear shots or an explosion,
    do not go to window to look.
    Move away from windows,
    move away from explosion,
    take cover, secondary explosion
    may occur to kill responders.

    Do not run parallel  from the trouble
    move at a right angle,
    move indoors, move to back of building.
    Get a wall between you and the

    Avoid large groups when possible.

    Go to smaller restaurants, smaller
    venues for entrainment.
    Locals will appreciate it.

    Keep your hotel room door
    locked, do not open if some
    one pounds on door.
    Keep silent it maybe the
    terrorist looking for hostages.

    Try and get a room NOT
    facing street.

    If you are shot in the streets
    play dead, try and not make
    any noises till responders
    They may shoot you again
    if they think your alive.

    Be alert for unusual movement,
    Groups of men moving like a

    Watch for abandoned packages.
    Do not fear Muslims.
    The terrorist won't look
    like Muslims.
    Be friendly, they suffer
    under the same threats.

    Carry some pressure bandages to stop
    arterial bleeding, know your
    first aid.
    Help when its safe.

    Be alert, be safe.
    Try and have fun.




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