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    Thursday, October 21, 2010

    Rules to engage cyber attack

    Pentagon Will Help Homeland Security Department Fight Domestic Cyberattacks

    The system would mirror that used when the military is called on in natural disasters like hurricanes or wildfires. ( 5 hrs, ? G )A presidential order dispatches the military forces, working under the control of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
    Under the new rules, the president would approve the use of the military’s expertise in computer-network warfare, and the Department of Homeland Security would direct the work. ( one hr, G )
     The new approach will begin with a Department of Homeland Security team deploying to Fort Meade, Md. ( 3 hrs, G ), home to both the National Security Agency, which specializes in electronic espionage, and the military’s new Cyber Command. In exchange, a team of military networking experts would be assigned to the operations center at the Homeland Security Department.( another couple of hrs, G )

    Six to 10 hrs later US ready to respond, cyber attack has already crippled infrastructure and  WWW down.




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