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    Friday, October 22, 2010

    Ops and Intel update 10,22,10

    Paradigm Intel Ancillary Root kit undiscovered,
    Non affiliated PC's infected,awaiting insertion
    of key mem stick. To launch infection all over
    again, 4 months now Iran still hasn't defeated
    stuxnet. Stuxnet evoloving, 4th generation now,
    fighting back. Stuxnet team GENIUSES.
    Most knowledgeable and advanced hacker
    ever. Stuxnet work of art.
    I've never seen any thing this complicated and
    elegant, so au courant.

    Some code still not understood, junk code

    Stuxnet 1.0 still undiscovered.
    Stuxnet 3.0 in the wings, awaiting deployment..

    Stuxnet not just for IRANIANS.
    NKorea also, all nuke and material enrichment
    world wide monitoring. Awaiting news breaks
    on other facilities.

    Stop Stuxnet?


    Think Tank assault  perp still unknown,
    Think Tank virus, cyber assault
    Four possibilities, Feds. Iran or Taliban
    or Wall St Banks..
    The timing suggest one team.
    Bot probe, 100 bots
    PC infection.
    Ghost rider.

    Infection to sloppy to be Feds, and they
    would use more than 100 bots.
    But ghost rider might be them.
    But they could get same info
    with a letter to ISP.

    Taliban has been most damaged
    by our ops, but doubt they have 
    the technology.

    Wall St Banks, work of individual 
    gun/hacker, derail attempt, side
    track us? Not likely they could
    have crashed PC.

    Most probable,
    Iran has the technology and Ghost rider, but could be proxy.
    BSU's probing.

    Its fun to explore your paranoia.


    Mexican Convoy to deliver checks.

    With an escort of 60 officers with assault rifles, a convoy heads off to deliver pensions to people caught behind the siege line as one drug cartel tries to wait out another in a sinister battle for scores of human and drug trafficking routes into Arizona.


    Hackers hacking clients, and using cloud for
    storage of stolen data. Changing criminal BIZ models,
    and marketing hacks in the Dark .


    Passwords not a secure paradigm,
    anymore not even 20 characters.


    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    All this and much more in our
     Our WAR OSINT on Twitter



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