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    Wednesday, October 06, 2010

    NATO caves to Insurgents

    A“We believe the Pakistani border guard was simply firing warning shots after hearing the nearby engagement and hearing the helicopters flying nearby,” says U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Tim Zadalis.

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    Yes I often fire warning shots when the local police go by...

    INSURGENTS, is ignorant, dumb, and I don't believe it.
    Is NATO and US giving Paki an OK to fire warning shots a the Choppers?

    Might a white tee shirt be better than firing "warning"shots?
    “border outpost” of the Pakistani military without a Flag.

    Why is Zadslis sucking up?

    In response, Pakistan closed one of its major border crossings with Afghanistan, leaving NATO supply convoys stuck. Those fuel trucks have then come under attack by local gunmen and bombers. 136 tankers have been damaged or destroyed so far.

    Am I the only one that thinks Paki Military have given a tacit head nod
    to the destruction of the tankers?

    Pakis have given an OK for hot pursuit into Paki,
    and their Troops fire at the chopper?

    Deduct the cost of the destroyed tankers from Paki
    Mil aid. Paki closed the border making the tankers
    sitting targets, and did not protect the Tankers.

    This just encourages Pakistan Frontier Scouts to fire
    at US choppers, they have been known to have dubious
    connections to the Taliban,
    Expect them to fire at NATO choppers from now on.

    And the Press coverage of this has been just as bad.
    "in a recent poll of residents of Pakistan’s tribal areas"
    Which tribal areas? FATA.

    Nearly nine out every ten people in FATA oppose the
    U.S. military pursuing al-Qaeda and the Taliban in their
    They interviewed al qaeda and Taliban supporters,
    FATA is the insurgent safe haven. And they had
    no methodology check in poll to check for insurgent supporters
    or Terrorist.

    I think this has more to do with the "Warning Shots"
    than alerting the choppers to their location.
    They were not warning shots, but an attempt
    to bring down the choppers in the heart land
    of the terrorists.

    Nearly 70 percent of FATA residents instead
    want the Pakistani military alone to fight Taliban and al-
    Qaeda militants in the tribal areas.

    "the “safe haven” that Al-Qaeda enjoys in Pakistan’s tribal areas (FATA) represents a danger to American lives."

    Pakistan has to deal with threats to its internal security, such as those posed by the Al-Qaeda sympathizers. Blocking NATO supply routes is not a counterterrorism strategy...

    I find it suspect NATO is pursuing insergents into FATA al qaeda 
    safe haven, and border guards fire at NATO marked chopper, and 
    then the border is closed making the tankers sitting targets.

    Mark up a victory for the Insurgents in FATA.

    And I'll bet this gets blamed on the Chopper pilots.


    Ahmed Quraishi pumping out propaganda, nothing to story, just a headline
    to inflame Pakis.

    Update: Oct 7, 10
     - Pakistan, ISI Urges On Taliban 
    Members of Pakistan's spy agency are pressing Taliban field commanders to fight the U.S

    Attention: News Investigators:
    What is the disposition of the pilot of the chopper, that
    returned fire, is NATO scape goating him?



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