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    Tuesday, October 05, 2010

    Microsoft calling kettle Black

    Stuxnet could hurt world economic development, says Microsoft CEO

    The advent of sophisticated new malware such as Stuxnet could hamper the development of cloud computing and consequently economic development, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (pictured) said on Tuesday.

    MS operating system hasn't been secure since 1999, the loss of trillions of USD can be attributed to the Microsoft paradigm.
    They don't patch illegal MS OS leaving them open for malware and bots.

    The problem isn't the WWW its the Operating Systems.
    Originally the OS was built to work. If it worked
    it was a success, no consideration given to security.
    This paradigm continues today, emphasis on functionality,
    not security, There in lies our weakness.
    All the security vendors, spending billions of dollars
    have not been able to secure the OS in the entire history
    of the WWW.
    Change the focus, change the paradigm to a secure
    There is enough blame to go around for every body.
    Time to fix the problem.
    The world awaits a secure OS, even if its less functional one.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.



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