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    Friday, October 01, 2010

    Message from the Iranian resistance.

    This memo is from a source within the
    Iranian resistance, which we have found
    reliable in the past.

    The letter was i response to my
    Question on how Iranians especially
    the opposition views the Regime
    getting a Nuke. My comments
    in parrens. "( )"

    The reply:

    The opps (opposition) want COMPLETE DEMOCRATIC CHANGE .. but with putting power in the hands of those who can bring it about and not enchaining it and hampering it . If it was not for the meddling and enlisting of the opp (the real and able one that has the source and organisational ability to bring about change and who is the ONLY  one left during the past 35 years of suppression, threats and killings inside and out) by US and the Europeans , and if it was not for appeasing and bending to the mullahs and their tricks in the past 30 years, this regime would have changed a long time ago . ( US and Europe appeasing the Mullahs has helped their power )
    So the opp does not want a nuclear Iran not a nuclear area. The people have already chanted in protests before it was squashed, "Money of the oil has gone to the pockets of the Bassidj and Pasdaran" .. " No nukes more bread and Freedom"..
    So I think for the WEST this is loud and clear. Its just HARD to distinguish between short term interests and the REAL one .. THEY have a naive way of looking at this regime and cant comprehend it and its nature and mis understand many things. 
    ( West sometimes sees only short term to the detriment of the Iranian people)
    When AN (Ahmedinejad) speaks of " nothing van (can) stop the Iran from getting to nuke" the West interpreters it as though AN is talking power, where as the real situation is "Weakness" and much less control inside the country and there much need to tattle and rattle .. and get to the nuke power... When AN says we are ready to exchange, they jump in bending to their knees as weak as elderly women under pressure ... When AN says he wants to come to the UN for open doors.. they are again tricked and let him come their to once again tattle a well planned scenario to keep all engaged for  a LONG time so that they could catch up with time ..(regime is stalling) and more suppression inside.. THEY can not understand the paradox he always has in his speeches and say he is crazy ., where as it is not that he is crazy but that THEY are very weak and desperate to get more attention away from what it is really doing : trying to buy time to gain even more days in power...
    The OPP had from 30 years ago drown what you are witnessing today of what will happen to this regime because it has been colliding with it in flesh and blood and understand it very well .. but NO ONE has listened.
    We keep saying things over and over each year but no listening ear!.. till its too late
    its the same with the NUKE revelations .. No one listened and not being embarrassed obviously have to say " we had our own information but were not sure !!" ...
    So my dear Gerald.. its time they do it quickly .. de list the PMOI .. before its too late and keep pressurizing the right guys in Iran...

    Sig deleted for security.


    The Iranian's (ummah) don't want nukes.
    You have their approval to take them out.




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