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    Thursday, October 07, 2010

    ISI officially supporting Afghan Insurgents

    Does Paki want an end to the War in Afghanistan?
    Not if it means loosing control of the Taliban
    in Afghan. Not if it means an end to the GWOT
    gravy train nipple provided by the US to the 
    tune of Billions of USD.

    "The ISI wants to arrest commanders who are not obeying [ISI] orders," said a Taliban commander in Kunar province. But few Taliban have given up the fight, officials say. Some Taliban commanders and U.S. officials say militant leaders are being pressured by officers from Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency not to surrender.

    U.S. officials say they have heard similar reports from captured militants and those negotiating to lay down their arms.

    The U.S. and Afghanistan have sought to persuade midlevel Taliban commanders to lay down their weapons in exchange for jobs or cash. The most recent Afghan effort at starting a peace process took place this week in Kabul.

    The Taliban commander in Kunar, like others interviewed in recent days, said he remained opposed to the presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan and had no plans to stop fighting them. But "the ISI wants us to kill everyone—policemen, soldiers, engineers, teachers, civilians—just to intimidate people," the commander said.

    He said he refused, and that the ISI had tried to arrest him. "Afghans are all brothers; tomorrow we could be sitting together in one room."

    The allegations of interference by the Pakistani spy agency come amid a new U.S. strategic focus on Pakistan as key territory in the Afghan war.

    ...ramped-up campaign of Central Intelligence Agency drone strikes on militant targets across the border, including targets believed to be involved in a plot to launch attacks in Europe.

    That shift has also brought debate in the U.S. about how to approach Pakistani allies. For more than a year, U.S. military officials have praised Pakistan's actions to confront militants in the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan.

    But U.S. officials have been voicing frustration with what they see as Pakistan's focus on fighting extremists who pose a domestic threat while avoiding militant groups that use Pakistani havens to stage attacks across the border.

    Pakistan says its forces are stretched too thin to fight all militants—particularly with some soldiers redeployed to aid relief efforts from massive flooding this summer. ( they have huge number of troops in reserve to protect the border with India? G )

    The ISI helped bring the Taliban to power in Afghanistan in the 1990s. After the September 2001 terrorist attacks, Islamabad officially broke with the movement and sided with the U.S.

    ( Paki military doesn't fear the terrorist, they know who they are and where they are, they do fear loosing them as 
    an asset in Afghan. G )

    But the U.S. has generally muted its concerns about ISI cooperation, in part because senior U.S. officials remain divided on whether it is coming from rogue elements within the intelligence agency or is fully sanctioned.

    Recently during hot pursuit of insurgents from Afghan into Paki, an allowed operation, Frontier troops fired
    on marked NATO choppers, and claimed they were warning shots, the choppers returned fire killing two.
    This was in FATA a insurgent strong hold, and PAKI closed the border crossing trapping hundreds of fuel
    tankers in FATA which have been destroyed because of lack of Paki protection.

    There can now be little doubt support for rogue Taliban that raid into Afghan form Paki IS  OFFICIALLY

    Blocking the border and allowing the destruction of hundreds of fuel tankers needed for GWOT in
    Afghan isn't the act of an ally.


     Katherine Tiedemann 

    Pakistan blocks NATO convoys, but Taliban get free passage

    How long does it take to get 300+  vehicles from to ?
    21 days, why aren't they going to Afghan? G

    Border closure political, but warlords protect 1,200 trucks a mo. going
    thru this choke point, Paki Gov has given a head nod to the destruction
    of 120 fuel tankers. Warlord protection works with ISI's approval, G


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