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    Saturday, October 23, 2010

    Cyber snipers attack wikileaks

    Cyber Snipers take on Wikileaks, Wikileaks guilty of espionage.

    Several instances crippling Wikeleaks servers and functions,
    some reported some not.
    They have to relocate serves several times.

    Penetrations, data leaks, private keys got out, massive
    security leaks.

    “communications infrastructure is currently under attack,” adding the cryptic message “Project BO move to coms channel S. Activate Reston5.”

    A Wikileaks source who asks to remain anonymous now says that the organization’s XMPP server in Amsterdam, used to host its encrypted instant messaging communications, was compromised earlier this week by an unknown attacker, and the chat service had to be relocated to another server in Germany.

    Wikileaks’ site has been largely disabled over the last several weeks, displaying only a note that the site is “undergoing scheduled maintenance” and “will be back online as soon as possible.” 

    If a major leak is in the works, it wouldn’t the first time Wikileaks’ site has suffered technical issues and recovered in time to regain the spotlight. Last June its submissions page ceased to function, but was fixed in time for the release of the so-called “Afghan War Diary” in July.

    Aside from digital sabotage, the site has also faced financial sniping. Wikileaks had one of its accounts frozen by the donation-collecting company Moneybookers, and claims the freeze was a result of the organization being placed on a U.S. government watchlist and an Australian government blacklist.

    SOURCED form:

    Wikileaks guilty of Blackmail.
    On Tuesday, the site’s twitter feed recommended that followers copy the encrypted “insurance” file that it posted to the site in July.
    Threating the release of Un-redacted stolen documents putting Iraqi, Afghan and Paki civilians with the release of
    their names.

    Wikileaks founder has been accused of Rape and sexual offenses.

    Will supporters continue to support wikileaks with these security breaches and release of their Secret Info?

    More to follow.




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