Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Current State and Future of Cyber Warfare: 4 yrs ago.

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    Sunday, October 24, 2010

    Current State and Future of Cyber Warfare: 4 yrs ago.

    4 years ago we forecast Current State and Future of Cyber Warfare:

    And selective edited videos can be spun as the whole truth even though they are propaganda. As evidenced by the TV company that ran the story of the insurgent sniper videos as NEWS rather than as propaganda.

    After all seeing, is believing. Even if the video is one sided and selectively edited to present a slanted view or just the partial story favorable to the insurgents. And this can and does influence the American public and our elections and the Moslem ummah. ( Home grown Terroist, G )

    Another division of hackers tracking their media computers and leaders, disrupting their command and control and influencing moral through PC crippling viruses. ( Stuxnet, G )

    Their hacking abilities are limited to a few sites with software downloadable for DOS attacks.
    ( Which Internet Anthropologist Think Tank took OUT.G )

    All this was covered in a post 4 years ago, G


    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.


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