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    Monday, October 04, 2010

    BSU's intercept packet for MI

    BSU's intercept packet for MI

    Good morning Jim:
    Several years ago Iran started a nuclear bomb
    program, we obtained info from defectors and
    the resistance that Iran has continued its
    program to build a Nuke even though publicly
    they claim the research and
    reactors are for peaceful purposes.


    Ahmadinejad recently ran a coup d'etat
    minimizing the Imams. And concentrated 
    power in the IRG. They are going for broke
    to create a Nuclear bomb.
    He is using the IRG and MOIS and Basij to
    take over and control the country.
    And he will use the Bomb as an 13th Imam he believes
    it would bring a new Islamic caliphate with the
    return of the 13 Imam.

    Jim you must stop the Regime from getting
    a Nuclear bomb. Disrupt Natanz operations.
    The entire UN security council are on board
    with this and will support you and provide

    As a precaution against hacking none of the reactors
    are connected to the WWW.

    Your mission jim should you decide to accept it
    is to hack into the reactors control systems and
    disable their nuclear program at any Iranian reactor
    on demand or when they start producing material for
    a Bomb, an auto pilot.

    As always should any of your team be caught or killed
    or traced back to you the Sectrary will dissavow any 
    knowledge of your actions.

    This disk will self destruct in 5 seconds.

    End of file copyxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Team breifing:
    We need 4 zero day exploits
    and one in reserve.
    (buy them from the RBN )

    A method to get into PC's not
    connected to the WWW.
    UBS worm. Russians.

    A rootkit to hide everything,
    and a control program to
    ID the reactor control system,
    and an artifical Intelligence 
    program to reprogram the
    control systems to destroy
    the centrifuges or stop
    their Nuclear program
    without danger.

    And several digital certificates
    B&E job, MOSSAD.

    We will need a cyber recon to
    determine the configuration
    of the control system,
    a duplicate control system
    to test the program on.
    Oak Ridge's supercomputers.

    The rootkit must be persistent
    able to hide and defend its
    self, and reinfect if necessary.

    The encryption must be unbreakable
    so it can't be used against us.

    And several methods to monitor
    and report back Iranian nuclear 

    And assets to get the UBS sticks
    into the reactors PCs, PMOI,
    Iranian resistance.

    And untraceable thru many proxies,
    Chinese Cyber Army.

    This will be a combination
    rootkit, worm, botnet.
    And it must have the capability
    to change and up date payloads.
    The most advanced malware ever





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